Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween Party tonight at one of our kiddo's house! Happy Halloween!!!

It's a busy weekend for me. I did color images last night, oh, and I have to wait to post the card I made last night...that's the hard part about being a DT :O) I've been cleaning veggies and made Dill Weed Dip, yummy! Got to leave here in a few minutes, and still have grocery shopping to do later tonight, then tomorrow need to pick up a few supplies I'm running out of.

And of course Monday will be Trick or Treating night. Can't wait to see how the grandbabies are dressed :O) The hard part is, they are scattered so, that it's hard to get them all here on Halloween night.

So hold down the fort ladies and gents :O) Happy Halloween!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, October 28, 2011


My Memories Suite GIVEAWAY

1. Visit My Memories Software Suite
2. pick your favorite digital paper pack or layout
3. then comment here on this post telling me which one you choose.
4. Add my giveaway to your sidebar 
I would love for you to become a follower. Please make sure you leave me a way to get a hold of you if you win :O)

It's that easy! :O)
I have over 300 follower's and past time for a giveaway, so here it is, and I know you will love it. Next I will be playing with it and adding some goodies to my cards.

O.k. so I've been playing around with my new software, and loving it :O)
I usually make cards, but now I'm truly excited!!! Just a few clicks of the mouse and look how beautiful. No mess, no fuss, and just a few minutes you can take a few plain photo's and wow! it's like magic!!!

Lucy Jo
I can't wait to use it on my cards, oh yes!

Oh! just look at this, and think of all the possibilities for your cards!
I have so many ideas floating around in my head :O)

 Check it out here on utube:

Jonathan's 2nd Birthday

Mom & Dad (Mom's favorite color green)
You can have pages printed into your own little albums, will make great Christmas Gifts to give your family & friends! Make as many copies as you wish!

 I have been wanting to make an album for all the easel cards I've made. I'm just playing with the program right now, but I wanted to show you what I've come up with so far.

Got to have it now, don't want to wait for the giveaway...:O) Awesome isn't it!

If you want to buy it now:  Go to My Memories Suite ENTER CODE: STMMMS53627
Use my code to get your $10.00 off and $10.00 Coupon = $20.00 Value ... Just copy & paste the my code at checkout!

I've had a busy week! Will get caught up soon....I hope :O)

Awe! Busy week and trying to get caught up. We did go today and petition to keep our maintenance man. I've never done that before, but we don't want to lose him!!! He's the best! So all of you praying folks out there, please pray that we get to keep him! He's trustworthy, honest, great at his job, and a good person. Why do companies want to mess up a good thing!!! Trying to move him to Indy, so he will be finding another job unless a miracle happens.
I've got some coloring to do, and then hopefully get some cards going here soon.
Hugs! Leah Ann

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Exciting NEWS! I am New Design Team Member JUST WORDZ Check it out!

Exciting NEWS!!! I will be joining as a New Design Team Member for:
Kimberly Brown has invited me to join her team, and I'm very excited about it!
If you haven't visited her site, go on over an check it out: 
I don't know how many times I need a sentiment and can't seem to find the right one or just don't feel like digging for them....well Kim is making it easy for us, she has lots of words in just one stamp set, yeah! 

OH! Wait there's MORE!
Kim at JUST WORDZ has teamed up with Sheryl Brown and Sheryl has cute digi's that will be revealed and available for purchase, November 1st!
A little info about Sheryl
My name is Sheryl and I am happy to share my artwork with fellow artists. I have been a Professional Lead Character Designer and Illustrator for over 11 years in the Television and Gaming Industry. Designing artwork of famous people who guest starred in the shows I worked on, and getting approval from Fefe Dobson, Janice Huff, Matthew Broderick, and most recently getting artwork approval from Steven Spielberg. I currently work at a studio that deals with online games and promotional materials for many well known companies such as McDonald's, Microsoft and Dreamworks to name a few. It's not often that I get to share my work outside the industry and it will be refreshing to see other people's colour interpretations of my work.

I will post more info on Sheryl soon, and where to check out and purchase her new digi's!

So come join us, on a fabulous adventure :O)

Big Hugs! Leah Ann

Little Miss Muffet Challenge "Clouds"

Little Miss Muffet Challenge   ~Clouds~  Oct 27th
I used Iris May Hatter. I decided to make a journal for one of my granddaughter's. She loves to write and I know she will love this :O)

 Iris May Hatter JOURNAL


 Bottom Closeup

Iris May Hatter closeup

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Looking through old photos Pic of Mom and Dad before heart surgeries

I was going through photo's for my oldest son, and I found this picture of Mom & Dad, oh how I miss her! This was before they both had heart surgery. Dad had his first, then 5 weeks later, Mom had hers. Dad has done pretty well, but Mom never got better, and she went through so much from then on.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Magnolia's Butterfly Tilda Seasons Greetings

Magnolia's Butterfly Tilda "Season's Greetings" 
Sentiment is Stampin Up






Katie's Card

Card I made for Katie, she should have received it by now. Wanted to wait just in case she got on line. If you would like to help Katie, click here
If you would like to send Katie a card:
Katie Rentz
P.O. Box 5913
Bellingham, Washington

 Donate here for Katie and you will receive this image
Monies go to help Katie & her family!




LUCY JO Rotten Kitty!

Lucy Jo 10/23/2011
See how tiny she is :O) I had to put a sheet on the couch because she is so rotten. She uses her litter box just fine, and she eats, and purrs and all that, but those doggone sharp little claws! I'm afraid she is going to pick the couch :O)

Saturday, October 22, 2011

I have a busy weekend, but I'm still here :O)

We have our new kitty Miss Lucy Jo. She was a little pistol the first day. She was running around like a little nut. She was just playing, but I also think she is just testing us :O) Well I got the water bottle out, covered the couches for now. She finally calmed down last night, and is finding out we do have rules. She is just a wee one and well you know how training and taking care of a little one is! She's eating fine, purring, and doing good. She even let our two year old grandson pet her today, I think she adores children. So, if I'm not on here too much this weekend, it's because it's basically my birthday weekend, & new kitty training. Got to leave here in a few minutes and go to my daughter's for supper.
I have a lot of cards in challenges, so please if you see I have won, let me know. Things will be back to normal in a couple of days :O)
I have been checking out cards, just haven't had time to comment.
 Hugs! Leah Ann

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Magnolia's Scarecrow Tilda Autumn Wishes

 Magnolia's Scarecrow Tilda "Autumn Wishes" 

Paper Sundaes
Just Magnolia - Distressing Challenge 
Magnolia's Stamp Lovers Challenge Fall 
Simon Says Nursery Rhymes 

The Dingle-Dangle Scarecrow.
When all the cows were sleeping
And the sun had gone to bed,
Up jumped the scarecrow
And this is what he said:
"I'm a dingle-dangle scarecrow
With a flippy-floppy hat.
I can shake my arms like this,
I can shake my legs like that."
When all the hens were roosting,
And the moon, behind a cloud.
Up jumped the scarecrow,
And shouted very loud:




 Close Up


Another Release from Little Miss Muffet Agent Popcorn Aiming

 Front "With a "wink" & a "smile" Popcorn Style

 Base "Happy Birthday"

 Agent Popcorn Aiming Close Up


I'm getting a new kitten from rescue Her name is Lucy here are pics!

I am getting a new Rescue kitty tomorrow at 1:30. Her name is Lucy :O) My birthday is the 24th, so she is my birthday present. I did however, buy her with money I've made from selling cards. I told my daughter if someone wants to know what I want for my birthday, I want a scratching post.... tee hee! Her name was already Lucy, and my hubby said we would leave it, so when he comes home, he can say "Lucy I'm home", and our oldest granddaughter's name is Jozey and we call her Jo, and that just sounded good with Lucy, so there you have it. She is 2 months old, and she a wee one. I guess a woman has been pretty much raising her because her Momma wasn't being a very nice Momma, so she's been spoiled already, YEAH! She deserves it!!!
Here are her pictures!

 Lucy Jo

Litte Miss Muffet NEW RELEASES Button & Mitten

New Release: Mitten
only $3.00
Song: Santa Claus is Coming to Town...naughty get coal, nice get puppy:O) 


 Close Up



Little Miss Muffet     "BUTTON"
only $3.00

I made a treat bag. Sorry, I did not find Christmas candy out in the store yet, so I used starlight mints. When I make treat bags for the kids, I don't put too much work into them because they tear them up, and oh! all that time into the project :O)

 Meowy Christmas! FREE IMAGE - from PCS