Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Hey, Hey, Hey, I'm back!! Whoop! Whoop!

Hello Everyone....Can you believe it, I have internet again. We just moved, have a bigger place to live so Don can get around better. It's been over a year since the two amputations and also, we haven smoke over a year either, how about that? :}
Have most everything unpacked except the stamp room, ugggg I nee someone with muscles to do that! We need to hang curtains but that has to wait too.
I haven't colored with my copics in over a year and haven't made a card, so we will see if I can still color sometime soon if they haven't dried up :{
Life happens.
I still need surgery on my knees, I think I will be the next one down unless I get a miracle.
Hubby has a doctor's appt. today so that will take up our afternoon.
So just hope you all haven't forgotten me....tee hee....and I'm backkkkkkkkkkkkkkk on line!!

Friday, November 15, 2013

Hello, just stopping by!

Hello All,
Just stopping by to say Hello, hope all is well with you my friends. Gosh it's been forever since I have posted, Still haven't made a card. I started to make a Halloween card and it's half done laying on my craft table.
My husband went Thursday to try to walk on his prosthetic and it has to be re sized so we are going back Tuesday. Kind of a bummer, although I really expected something to happen, has every time. None of this has been smooth sailing.
I'm very much dreading the Holidays this year, seems we just got through them and here they are again.
We had our first snow, now it has warmed up and talking about severe storms, imagine that :) Good Ole' Indiana weather, gotta love it.
Cigarette Free for 7 months now~ Yeah!!!
We have a new kitty. I call her Stickles, my grandson calls her Pikachu....I don't think she knows her name.

Here is her picture~

She's a real stinker :)
Hugs! Leah Ann

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Shaffer Family RECOVERY FUND, Drake Colorado Flood 2013 My Dad's Sister, my Aunt Doris and Family & their History there!

This is for my Aunt Doris *my dad's sister* and her family. One of the best vacations I have spent in my life was there with my Aunt Doris. There was a young man and woman from Canada who were driving around looking for a place to stay, living in their car. The kind of woman that she is, she let them stay without paying for the night because they did not have any money to stay anywhere else. My aunt, my husband & I and this young couple sat up till the wee hours of the night roasting hot dogs, laughing and met 2 sweet people in their travels. I can bet they still remember her kindness. If you can help it would be greatly appreciated.
My cousin Jerry Shaffer no stranger to living a hard life in the mountains. Here is an article on the flood there in 1976, in which he nearly lost his life....

 I found this searching the Big Thompson Flood that my cousin (Jerry Shaffer)
was in 1976... ancestory.com Memory of 1976 Flood
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Memory of 1976 Flood
Marta Norton (View posts)
Posted: 22 Jun 2000 6:00AM GMT
Classification: Biography
Surnames: Shaffer, Lee
The Denver Rocky Mountain News
Wednesday, June 14, 2000; page 36A

Writen by Lynn Bartels, News Staff Writer

Blaze scary, but at least 'there's time to get out'

Drake - Jerry Shaffer knows disaster, whether it's a wall of fire burning on a mountain behind him or a wall of water ripping away the friend in his arms.

The survivor of the Big Thompson flood sees one big difference between the July 31, 1976, tragedy and the one still unfolding in Larimer County:

"This is scary, but at least there's time to get out," said the 46-year-old man whose tidy yellow house next to a resturant where evacuees of the Bobcat fire are holed up waiting for information.

Shaffer's home isn't threatened yet, but that hasn't stopped his eldest daughter, 13-year-old Lacy, from gathering the things she wants saved, just in case.

Her saxophone, the dress she wore when her father remarried, the autobiography she wrote for a class project that details how she was born in a blizzard and doesn't like to eat at restaurants.

Shaffer was 22 when 12 inches of rain fell in Big Thompson Canyon in one night. The fire chief's wife knocked on his door and said there was 3 feet of water headed their way and they might want to take care of their irrigation pumps in the river.

Shaffer estimated the water level was 4 feet below the nearest bridge when he loosened the first bolt on the pump. In the minutes it took to remove the fourth bolt, the water was lapping the bridge.

"That's how fast the water was rising," he said. "It was scary."

At the time, Shaffer lived next door to his landloards, Mary and Ely Lee, and was dating their daughter, Sandy. He checked on them and discovered Ely Lee had gone to free his birds from their cages near the river.

Shaffer went to help Lee, and they became victims of the raging river.

"I kept hold of Ely and we were just tumbling downstream until I managed to grad this tree," Shaffer said. "It was pitch black, and you couldn't see anything unless there was lightning; and one time when it hit, Ely said, 'Oh my God.'

A 19-foot wall of water carrying houses, cars and hissing propane tanks came stright at them.

"Ely went limp in my arms. I don't know if he drowned or had a heart attack," Shaffer said recalling how he lost his friend and again was swept down the river.

Shaffer landed in a clump of trees where his own camper shell also had lodged. He pulled mattresses from the shell and put them in the treetops, where he spent a harrowing night.

His house was gone. His neck was fractured. He was bruised and cut.

But Shaffer considered himself one of the lucky ones. He was alive, but 145 of his friends and neighbors, including Ely Lee, were not.

The sight Tuesday of people fleeing the fire has rekindled those memories.

"If you go up and talk to some of these guys coming down from the fire," he said, "they'll tell you it's an inferno up there, with 50-foot walls of fire.

Contact Lynn Bartels at (303)892-5405 or bartelsl@RockyMountainNews.com

Read how The Shaffer's are a Part of Drake Colorado History...River Forks Inn Drake Colorado History-Shaffer Family

Monday, August 19, 2013

Starting over again...............

My hubby had his leg amputated above the knee August 8th. So he is having to basically start over in a lot of ways. It's seems like it's been forever on this path, hoping the path starts looking a little better soon. Goes back to the surgeon Wednesday, so hoping all is well then, seems to be, but I'm not a doctor so we will see.
Seems like all I want to do is sleep...sleep....sleep. The days seems to be long, and if we go somewhere by the time we get home, I'm tuckered out!
I don't think anyone reads these, but I guess it makes me feel better to post and get it off my chest.
I don't have time to blog...look once in a while. Have not made a card for ages and just about to give all of it up and sell all my stuff. It is what it is....Never fit in anywhere I go it seems, don't know why I think I should fit in now.
I'm not selling Stampin Up anymore. I have been so busy taking caring of my husband and everything else, they cancelled me, not keeping up with their minimums.. I sent them an email, but they wanted me to send another eamil or buy another Starter Kit. They were lucky to get one email. I can't keep it going right now, and don't know how they expect me to, but money is all that matters to people these days. I know I know my sales aren't huge...but isn't a little sales better than no sales...guess not! Just wanted to let you all know.
Hope all are doing well....Hugs!

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Here we go again :(

Poor hubby is going to have to have surgery again in a few days. Going to try to de-breed again if they can, if not they are going to have to go higher and amputate above the knee.
Depression is hitting just a bit, trying not to......
Please remember my hubby in your prayers....Hugs! Leah Ann

Friday, July 26, 2013

I'm so sorry I haven't been on here much lately...............

I'm so sorry I haven't been on here lately and it's been a bit since I've made a card. If you want to see some of my cards, just scroll down....
Wednesday while out my husband Dr. appointment with the vascular surgeon, I get a call from my daughter that my 3 1/2 yr. old grandson collapsed and they were taking him to Riley Children's Hospital. He was having trouble walking straight, headhead, dizzyness...they did CT didn't find anything, ended up sending him home...then he started running a fever later that night. She took him to a Dr. where she works and he double checked him over, and told her to watch him very carefully because of his symptoms and gave him anti biotics...so far so good. Scared us all to death....
My husband has a wound vac because he is not healing so well and they are painful...so it's been a trying time for him. There are other things with this that I won't go in to but lets say you have to fight Insurance Company for your care every step of the way. When you face things like this that's the last thing you need because you can become depressed very quickly :(
We are hanging in there....Please continue to keep us in prayer...hopefully some day soon I can get a few cards made...It takes a steady hand to color and well, I do not have a steady hand right now....

I so miss blogging, cardmaking and everything in between...HUGS! Leah Ann

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Another surgery....

Since my hubby fell, he is not healing like they want, so he has to go back in surgery on Monday .. so they can clean it up. This is supposed to help it heal faster, so crossing our fingers...If we can just keep him upright!!!!  Got to get him healed up so he can do more therapy..... So please keep him in your prayers please ! 

Hugs! Leah Ann

Monday, July 1, 2013

Just stopping in for a bit...................

Hello All,
It's been a tough time trying to adapt to a whole different life. My husband is doing good...he's had one nasty spill that set him back a bit and broke his confidence, but gaining it back. Then another one but he caught himself and didn't get hurt then. He had therapy evaluation today, although I'm not happy with the way things went, so will have to talk to the doctor. Rehab in the hospital were fabulous, but today just didn't jive...
I've been taking a new medicine and I think it's making me feel so tired, so I'm going to try to take it at bedtime and see if that helps because I've been sooo sleepy. Of course I've haven't felt too well with sinus issues this week, I'm sure that's part of being so tired.
I know I haven't stamped, just haven't had the heart too! Part of it is because I'm so tired I'm sure. Right now it's been helping my husband with his daily needs and afraid of him falling again, so by the end of the day, I'm just plain tired. Hoping things will get easier, and I'm sure they will in time, but so far...I'm just trying to keep up.
My daughter finally found a wheel chair for him at a decent price, so that will help his mobility a lot...hopping on a walker at our age just isn't easy if you know what I mean.
Just tiny little things we do daily are a challenge now.
Hoping things will calm down so I can at least get a card or two made once in a while....hoping the desire comes back..Hugs! Leah Ann

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Another Gorgeous Fairy

 Sherri Baldy Image
Fairy in Pink and Green...had to use my new green ribbon trim :)

 Absolute Bliss
This is a Sherri Baldy image.

I'm trying to keep busy, trying to keep my mind off of everything.
I think we are done with Dr.'s appt. till surgery on Monday...I hope! Bless his heart, don't know how bad things have to be to be consider and emergency :(  I'm going to be the emergency I fear, cause someone is going to get clobbered!  Sorry I can't help it, sometimes you just feel like everyone thinks you are just not important enough...I know, probably just my mind going this way and that, but for Pete's sake, Monday better hurry up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry I had to VENT!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Rubber Ducky your the One :)

Hello Everyone....Here is another adorable image from Sherri Baldy :) I think she is just the cutest :) Hubby had to go for another test today and Archiver's was only a couple of miles away, so we went by there so I could pick up some more gems. I know, I know, I'm horrible at writing down and explaining....
I colored this little Sweetie with Copic Markers.
Copics used:  Skin - E11, E02, E01, E00, E000
 Hair- E25, E55, Y21
Swim Suit - R85, R81, RV000
Socks - C5 NO
Duck: Y21, Y11, Y00

I used liquid pearls and stickles. I found this lovely lace at JoAnn Fabrics and it has become on of my favorites. The pink paper is from Close to My Heart...don't remember on the other, sorry :(
Cardstock is from Stampin Up.
A lot of the times I try not to put sentiments on some of my cards so they can be used for any occasion. Sometimes I just can't help myself and add sentiments. I will always add sentiments for my customers at no charge all they have to do is request it.
Well got to get off here, hubby has an early doctors appt. in the a.m. so I need to get ready and head for bed....
Have a great day....Hugs! Leah Ann

Friday, May 31, 2013

Hello Everyone....

Oh my goodness, not sure where to start..................

My husband is a diabetic, and he has been having problems for the last few years. He has had several cath's, adding stent's, balloon...s.............

About 2 months ago he had a blood clot in his left leg, and it did a lot of damage, they did 2 cath's on two consecutive days trying to get the blood flow going and hoping that the small veins in the toes would open up in time, but they did not.

Yesterday they did another cath, and no luck. He has no blood flow in his left foot.

They told us the horrible news that he is going to have to have his foot amputated. I balled my eyes out of course, trying to grasp all the things that we had been told and what needs to be done. Of course, if it doesn't happen, he will eventually lose his life.

He is set to have surgery June 10th, was so hoping it would be this next week for many reasons.
1. Do not want it to get worse and cause more problems.
2. It is best so my daughter can help and be there...because her classes start the 11th.
3. Less time for my husband to have to worry and think about it for so many days in advance....
4....Many other reasons...sooner the better..................

So life for me is going to be different from now on.....but more so for my dear husband....Bless His Heart!

Please keep us in your prayers, I so appreciate it .....  HUGS!! Leah Ann