Friday, May 31, 2013

Hello Everyone....

Oh my goodness, not sure where to start..................

My husband is a diabetic, and he has been having problems for the last few years. He has had several cath's, adding stent's, balloon...s.............

About 2 months ago he had a blood clot in his left leg, and it did a lot of damage, they did 2 cath's on two consecutive days trying to get the blood flow going and hoping that the small veins in the toes would open up in time, but they did not.

Yesterday they did another cath, and no luck. He has no blood flow in his left foot.

They told us the horrible news that he is going to have to have his foot amputated. I balled my eyes out of course, trying to grasp all the things that we had been told and what needs to be done. Of course, if it doesn't happen, he will eventually lose his life.

He is set to have surgery June 10th, was so hoping it would be this next week for many reasons.
1. Do not want it to get worse and cause more problems.
2. It is best so my daughter can help and be there...because her classes start the 11th.
3. Less time for my husband to have to worry and think about it for so many days in advance....
4....Many other reasons...sooner the better..................

So life for me is going to be different from now on.....but more so for my dear husband....Bless His Heart!

Please keep us in your prayers, I so appreciate it .....  HUGS!! Leah Ann

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Special You

 Sherri Baldy Stamp
"Special You" 

Shower Time

 Sherri Baldy Stamp
"Shower Time"

Paisley and Gingham

Sherri Baldy Stamp
 " Paisley and Gingham"


Sherri Baldy Stamp

Baby Boy

LOTV Stamp
"Sweet Baby"  Boy Card

Ahoy Matey

 LOTV stamp

Hey Cupcake!

 Sherri Baldy Image

 Inside Top

Inside Bottom
 Sherri Baldy Image
Just A Note To Brighten Your Day
 I used Stampin Up Cardstock, Close to My Heart Designer Paper and the sentiment is from CTMH also.


 And Chase The Clouds Away

LOTV Baby Girl

 LOTV Baby Girl
Welcome Little One

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Rosey Posey from LOTV

 This little Sweetie is from LOTV, I love this stamp :)
Finally caught up, got all my colored images made into cards. I've worked all night, it's so hot and stuffy, our air conditioner decides to quit and of course after hours, so waiting for the time when we can call to get it humid tonight :(