Saturday, June 30, 2012

Sooo Tired!

It's been a busy few days for me...painting, cleaning, grocery shopping, babysitting...and I'm tired!!!
My daughter did get moved. We had our 2 year old grandson today, who was super good...but I was tired to begin with. I just plain hurt all over. Painting is not for me anymore! I think I've painted a plenty in my lifetime and time to hand it to someone else :O)
We are still fighting the heat, and we've had no rain! Looks like it's going to be the driest June on record. Talking about this lasting till September, and could be even worse. Ugghhhh! I don't mind telling you the heat is already getting to me.
My poor daughter and son n law moved in this horrible heat today!
Don't think it's going to be a very good 4th of July for folks, too dangerous to light them as dry as it is, although there is always people who don't heed the warning. 
I haven't been able to color or make cards, and I'm ready to hit the hay already.
Sorry I haven't been around the last couple of days to visit your blogs...!
Hope the you all enjoy the rest of your weekend :O) Hugs! Leah Ann

Monday, June 25, 2012

Waterlily Tilda Hello

Waterlily Tilda "Hello"


I won the Magnolia Die at Midweek Magnolia Challenge. I love these precious Dragonfly diecuts. I've been wanting them for a long time and I am tickled to death to have them...thanks! Magnolia :O)
Still no rain and it's supposed to be 101 Thursday, Egads! I'm over this hot weather for sure. I'm supposed to help my daughter paint and I'm not sure how it's going to be with the weather that hot. It's inside, but the poor air conditioners are having a hard time keeping it cool when it's this hot. WE NEED RAIN SOOO BAD!!!! It's really nice out today, in the 80's, wind blowing, and beautiful blue skies.

 Top Inside - Has note card in pocket
Bottom Inside:
 "I count myself in nothing else so happy as in a soul remembering my good friends"

Robyn's Fetish Angel Card

 Robyn's Fetish Angel Card

 Close Up


 Inside Left

 Inside Right


Saturday, June 23, 2012

Spellbinders Giveaway...GO ENTER

Ends June 29th 2012....Go enter

It's been grand kiddo's week :O)

I haven't had time or the energy to color this week :O) I had my 13 year old granddaughter, then my 11 year old grandson, they both spent the night. First the 13 year old, day between, then the 11 year old yesterday, and after he left, I had my 2 year old grandson.
We had a nice time...but I'm a little tired today. Hopefully I'll get a 2nd wind and color...
In between all this I worked on Invitations.
Last night Papaw sneezed and my 2 year old grandson said "Bless You" Papaw said "Thank You" and he said "Your Welcome" He's such a smart little guy and keeps you laughing, he's so funny. This is such a cute, cute age!!! Then he looked at me and said "Bless You" He was trying to say Blueberries, and it's so cute how he says it.
We had a touch, and I mean a touch of rain, not enough to wet your whistle, and no more rain in sight till later on this week....Poor trees are so brittle! We need a good all day, steady rain :(
Well hope all is well with everyone, have a GREAT weekend!!!
Hugs! Leah Ann

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Cleaning house, sweating bullets :O)

Oh boy is it ever a scorcher!!! We have had hot, hot weather for so many days and supposed to have a chance for rain today, but I'm beginning to wonder. If we do get rain, it's going to be very little. Everything is so dry, the grass is yellow, the tree's are crying out for rain!!!! Me tooooo!
Doesn't look like the corn crops are going to be very good this year, don't even know if rain will help at this's been dry far toooo long.
I'm cleaning house and with the air on, I'm sweating bullets. Had to take a the bathrooms cleaned and the floors mopped, soooo I'd best get at it :O)
If I get the house done, then I'll be able to color....I'm one that if there's house cleaning to be done, then I'm don't feel right about making cards...sooooo here I go back to sweating bullets!!!
O.k. first maybe I'll do a rain dance :(
Have a great day!!! Hugs! Leah Ann

Monday, June 18, 2012

Saturday, June 16, 2012

It is hotter than blazes!!!!

Holiday Gifs |
Ani Gif

Oh my, it has been soooo hot today! We need rain so bad...our grass is burning up....! Our whole State needs rain so badly. We went to my Dad's today, he loved his card. We got him a humming bird feeder and some nectar for it. He loves his birds! If any of you know how to do a rain dance, we could sure use it :O) Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend, and hope all the Dad's out there have a super Sunday!!!
Happy Father's Day to all the Dad's out there!!!!
Hugs! Leah Ann

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Summer Flower Tilda Missing You

Pearl Tilda Keep Swimming

 Pearl Tilda "Keep Swimming"
 close up

 Inside: Feel Better Soon


Edwin Happy Fathers Day Card for my Dad and a little story

Magnolia's Edwin Is this your Egg Stamp
Happy Father's Day card for my Dad.

The reason I chose this image is because, when my Dad was a little boy he was playing preacher and baptized 12 of my Grandma's (his Mom) little baby chicks and well....sent them on to Heaven :O) Everyone knows this story about my Dad, and I guess it destined my Dad to be a Minister. He was a Minister for over 40 years.

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Close up

Verse...I love this poem...and thought I would go ahead a print it here for you in case you might want to use it too!!!

“What makes a Dad”
God took the strength of a mountain,
The majesty of a tree,
The warmth of a summer sun,
The calm of a quiet sea,
The generous soul of nature,
The comforting of night,
The wisdom of the ages,
The power of the eagle’s flight,
The joy of a morning spring,
The faith of a mustard seed,
The patients of eternity,
The depth of family need,
Then God combined the qualities,
When there was nothing more to add,
He knew His master piece was complete,
And so,
He called it…Dad