Saturday, March 31, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

 Happy Mother's Day
Finally got a card made.....I used one of the newest Tilda's. Love this stamp soooo adorable!
Also I used a stamp from Australia Stamp It Rose Clock...(fabulous blog candy I won) :O)


 close up


Friday, March 30, 2012


 Storms & Hail.......3 30 2012
I have seen it hail in my lifetime, but never this much at once! It was crazy, it was pouring down hail it covered everything! It was a little bigger than a dime,  a lot of it when it melted when it hit the ground.  It had been 78 degrees earlier in the day. I wasn't about to get too close to the window. Hubby closed all the mini blinds because it was hitting the windows so hard. Some people in the State reported quarter size hail, uggh can't imagine that like this! Oh how I'm dreading our weather this year. What a crazy March we have had. Record breaking warm temps, oh my! what is April going to bring....
April showers bring May you see the Mum right there. I don't know how this poor flower is making it in the weather we've had!

Monday, March 26, 2012


We have a freeze warning for tonight, and then in the 70's tomorrow...We had 80 degree weather, today it's in the 50's....uggh! Poor trees and flowers!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Haven't made a card all week :(

Hope next week is better...I haven't made a card alllll week, and if you know me, you know that it's not like me at all! Hope next week is better, ugghh need some energy, been a rough week for me, can't seem to find my get up and go! I think it got up and went :O) I have images to color and haven't even done that! Hugs! Leah Ann

Check it out....Kristin is having a $100 giveaway

Check it out Kristin is having a  $100 giveaway.....Go HERE

Friday, March 23, 2012

Oh yeah storms coming our way!

Noah weather radio is not working, nice. Sirens went off and it didn't, a lot of good it's going to do, I fear it's going to be a loooooong night! Oh yeah, we have thunderstorm and possibly tornado warnings coming our way! After everything that's happened last year and already started this year, I'm getting freaked out! Ugghh!!!

Got my Vagabond Keys today!!!

Hubby just got the mail, and I got keys to my Vagabond that is still at JoAnn Fabrics....but when I do get it, I've got the keys to get it started :O) I told hubby wouldn't it be wonderful if one just showed up at my door....I know wishful thinking, but Hey! I've had things happen to me like I'm going to stay positive :O) You know when you get a car key in the mail and if it fits, you win? Hmmm maybe I should try these keys :O)
Mostly it's been things like a check in the mail that I wasn't expecting when we needed it so badly!
Just this week, I had prayed Lord, we need money to get us through, and it's my fault because I had over spent money that I shouldn't have...That night or rather a.m. I had checked and sure enough money had been put in the bank that we were waiting for....the first thing I said was "I love you Lord, you are so good to us"
So thankful he supplies our needs and has mercy on us when we don't always do what we should!
I love stamping, and there is always new products and things coming out, and I have just decided that I'm going to be good! These are wants, and yes a need for me to have something to do that I enjoy, but I know I can live without, hope I don't have too :O)  It is so easy to spend money on things we want, and not the things we actually need! We pay our bills first, and then I usually buy things for stamping...and well sometimes things come up not expecting, and that's when I feel bad! I am strong enough to say "I DON'T NEED THIS OR THAT!
 "Everyday holds a possibility of a Miracle" This is a verse that is on my wall above my bed, and just about every night, I look at it and say it to myself! I don't know how many times I go to bed with a burden or need and I look at it and read it to myself, and to my hubby, and so many times those Miracle's have come just in the nick of time! Thank you Lord!!!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Haven't felt so great the last couple of days :(

I haven't felt so great the last couple of days. I've had a headache every night about the same time. Felt like I was taking the flu yesterday, feeling better today, but still not feeling so hot...
I don't know if it's from the weather front coming through or what, but I've had no energy...
Sorry I haven't been around to comment much! Hope tomorrow I'll feel better and feel like doing some stamping...
Hugs! Leah Ann

Little Miss Muffet Challenge SILHOUETTES......

Odds 'n Ends: Silhouettes
Includes any three images transformed into silhouettes;
applicable on rubber and digi stamps; silhouettes only.
$3.00 - Three Silhouette Digital Stamps

You don't have to use a Little Miss Muffet Stamp image on your project, but we're providing you with a freebie so why not?! Just click on the icon below and save the ZIP file.

Download it while you can because it won't be there for long! This freebie is available until March 31 and is perfect for our current challenge. And who knows... maybe next month you'll find the counterpart to this image. :D

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Happy Birthday Carrie Ann

Thinking back when my daughter was born on this date March 21st, and I'm not telling her age, uggh makes me feel soooo OLD! She looked like a little Papoose with tons of dark hair and her eyes so dark and a gorgeous complexion. The nurses had her hair in a curl on top of her head. The nurse carried her in to me and said here's your little Papoose :O) Then all of that dark hair fell out and she's my blue, blue eyed blonde haired little girl, and today she has a little boy with the blue eyes and blonde hair, our little miracle baby!
Happy Birthday my sweet daughter, love you bunches!!!!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Jester Tilda "Happy Birthday"

 Magnolia's Jester Tilda, she is sooo cute! I also used Sentiment's and butterfly dies from Stampin Up.
Can't hold the camera straight either...uggh!!!

Tilda with Cherries Easter Wishes

 Tilda with Cherries
Easter Wishes
 Her cheeks look super pink...can't figure out this camera! ugghh...
I used Tim Holtz bunny die and used white and yellow, gosh can't think of what it's called but it's soft and fuzzy :O) I need a brain! A new one...!!!

Little Miss Muffet NEW RELEASES Silhouette's "True Friend"

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thinking of Mom...this time of year is sooo hard!

Thinking of Mom....
This was when Mom felt was Gracie's first birthday, and Cole her brother is watching her. This was taken at our old house....with Easter, Mother's Day and also losing Mom May 4th....well it's hard!
This was taken 2001.

 Cole and Mom

 Mom, (my sister Linda) and Me

Where oh where is my Vagabond :(

Mine is still at the store "JoAnn Fabrics" :(
and that's the truth :O)


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Heard you were DRAGON.... Magnolia's Lilyrose the Dragon

 Heard you were "DRAGON" Feel Better Soon
As you can see I'm having trouble with the lighting on this photo too...ugghh!

Tilda Catching Stars..................

 Tilda Catching Stars
"Happy Birthday"
Having trouble with too much light at the top of the card. This is the 2nd time I've taken the pictures, and well I'm over night the lighting in here gives me fits!
Totally Gorjuss Anything goes with a button
Magnolia Down Under Birthday's