Monday, August 19, 2013

Starting over again...............

My hubby had his leg amputated above the knee August 8th. So he is having to basically start over in a lot of ways. It's seems like it's been forever on this path, hoping the path starts looking a little better soon. Goes back to the surgeon Wednesday, so hoping all is well then, seems to be, but I'm not a doctor so we will see.
Seems like all I want to do is sleep...sleep....sleep. The days seems to be long, and if we go somewhere by the time we get home, I'm tuckered out!
I don't think anyone reads these, but I guess it makes me feel better to post and get it off my chest.
I don't have time to blog...look once in a while. Have not made a card for ages and just about to give all of it up and sell all my stuff. It is what it is....Never fit in anywhere I go it seems, don't know why I think I should fit in now.
I'm not selling Stampin Up anymore. I have been so busy taking caring of my husband and everything else, they cancelled me, not keeping up with their minimums.. I sent them an email, but they wanted me to send another eamil or buy another Starter Kit. They were lucky to get one email. I can't keep it going right now, and don't know how they expect me to, but money is all that matters to people these days. I know I know my sales aren't huge...but isn't a little sales better than no sales...guess not! Just wanted to let you all know.
Hope all are doing well....Hugs!