Monday, August 19, 2013

Starting over again...............

My hubby had his leg amputated above the knee August 8th. So he is having to basically start over in a lot of ways. It's seems like it's been forever on this path, hoping the path starts looking a little better soon. Goes back to the surgeon Wednesday, so hoping all is well then, seems to be, but I'm not a doctor so we will see.
Seems like all I want to do is sleep...sleep....sleep. The days seems to be long, and if we go somewhere by the time we get home, I'm tuckered out!
I don't think anyone reads these, but I guess it makes me feel better to post and get it off my chest.
I don't have time to blog...look once in a while. Have not made a card for ages and just about to give all of it up and sell all my stuff. It is what it is....Never fit in anywhere I go it seems, don't know why I think I should fit in now.
I'm not selling Stampin Up anymore. I have been so busy taking caring of my husband and everything else, they cancelled me, not keeping up with their minimums.. I sent them an email, but they wanted me to send another eamil or buy another Starter Kit. They were lucky to get one email. I can't keep it going right now, and don't know how they expect me to, but money is all that matters to people these days. I know I know my sales aren't huge...but isn't a little sales better than no sales...guess not! Just wanted to let you all know.
Hope all are doing well....Hugs!


Astrid said...

I read it and its not nice. Take please please care of yourself and hubby and you will see its comes oke. It will take time but........ you know.
Big Hugs for you and Hubby
The Netherlands

Laney said...

Oh Leah Ann, I do still read your posts and pop in, so glad I did seem so down and I cant blame you hun.....Stress makes us tired and you have certainly been stressed but hopefully things will get better now and you will both get thro will... it takes time to settle into new routines, it would be such a shame to give up your hobby, you are so very talented so dont be too hasty, your crafty stuff will be there when your ready to go back to it..chin up hun..and as for the stampin up ...its there loss hun! sending you hug

Alexandra♥ said...

Oh Leah Ann, be sure that people do read what is written and not only look at the pictures. I'm very sorry to hear about your situation, it's very sad ; ( I really hope that you could get through and get used to a new state of things, although it does not seem to be ease at all. Take care of yourself and your husband!
Big hugs from Singapore.

Sharon said...

Gosh Leah Anne, no wonder you feel down. Hope you don't sell all your crafty bits and in the future, however long it takes, you feel you can get back to it.
Can't believe how mean stamping up have been - some people have no conscience. Look after yourself and hope hubby improves.
Big big hugs
Sharon. x

Sharon said...

Gosh Leah Anne, no wonder you feel down. Hope you don't sell all your crafty bits and in the future, however long it takes, you feel you can get back to it.
Can't believe how mean stamping up have been - some people have no conscience. Look after yourself and hope hubby improves.
Big big hugs
Sharon. x

Carolyn said...

I am nearly never on here either anymore but just happened by your post today as it was at the top of my list when I signed in to check something. I read your post, and my heart goes out to you and your husband. It sounds like hard times, and my thoughts and prayers will be with you. It is easy to give up and feel negative, but try to stay strong and think good thoughts. This will pass, and things will look up. You will find your new normal and a way to enjoy each other and life again. You and hubby come first. Crafting can wait until you're ready for it again..if ever. You may find a new passion. I have pondered those thoughts myself and have not crafted for a long time. Life does happen to us, and we adapt to what we need to. It might not seem like much, but you're not alone. You do have us here if you need to vent or just take a break and type it all down. Take care, and just breathe. {{Hugs}}

Scrap Affair said...

I do read it too. Wish you lot's of strength and patience to you both. With time it will get easier ( I DO believe!)
My thoughts with you

Jan Scholl said...

I too read this in my Reader. SU is about as sucky as it gets but I went thru it with CTMH about 10 years ago. You do what you need to do for you and hubby. That is all that counts.

Andrea said...

sorry to hear things aren't going well for you right now.. take care of yourself and your husband that should be your priority the rest of us will be here when you get back. your cards are wonderful so don't give up completely.I don't have lots of spare time but my crafting has become my escape from the stresses life brings and it has made the last year and a half a lot easier .... without it and blogland even if its only a weekly post(or less), quick skip a round my favourite sites or a few kind words on a comment ... it brings a smile to my face. I hope you find your smile and I hope the visit to the surgeon goes well .lots of crafty hugs Andrea x

Linda . J said...

Sorry to hear of your hubby and it sounds very hard on you too Leah Ann
I hope you do not give up your craft and hope you get back to it very soon.
Thinking of you both at this hard time and hope things improve for you soon.Keep your chin up.
Hugs Linda

Stampin' Monica said...

Leah Ann, I read all your posts and I'm praying for you and your husband. I also follow and have been lucky to have purchased many of your works of art. I too had to leave Stampin up for various reasons. But, when I get down I look at your gems of creativity, and although I'm not nearly as wonderful as you in making those sweet stamps come alive, your works of art keep me going with hopes of one day mastering close to what you do. Just wanted you to know that way across the country your lovelies are brightening up many peoples lives and spreading smiles. You have touched more souls than you will ever know. Hugs, Monica

Dolly said...

Hi...I have read everything you have posted and I have felt your pain. I am praying for you, your husband and family. I know things are very difficult now but somehow they will get better. When? Where? How? I don't know but we must not lose faith. I am sorry to hear all you have gone through and all that you are going through. Keep the faith! Blessings!

Jenée said...

I really am so sorry that this journey has been a long and tiring one for you and your husband. Being a care taker is very difficult, but under these circumstances, even more so with the additional stress. Be brave and know that there are people "out here" who are thinking about you.

Shelly said...

So...sorry to hear about your hubby.Send him lots of get well hugs.You look after yourself too.It cant be easy and i so...cant imagine what you are both going through.Just want to send you get well thoughts and lots of luv.You can always go back to cardmaking later.You and your husbands welfare is so much more important.Take care....thinking of you both luv Michelle xx

Pamela said...

So sorry to read your post and do hope things soon improve for you and your hubby. Please don't give up your crafting, you are so talented and I love seeing your creations. I am sure you will go back to it when things have settled down.
Take care, thinking of you both.

Pam x

Teri said...

Aw Leah Ann, I am so sorry for all that you're going through right now. I understand how you feel, stress is a horrible thing to have when you just want things back to normal! Well, this is your new normal and once you settle into a routine, I know things will start to look up! I know that I have not been able to be in my little art studio in a long time... but when I do, I feel so relaxed and at peace! Please don't sell your special things... you WILL go back to them one day and will wonder how you ever made it without creating something! It's in our souls to create!!! keep your chin up, love on your hubby... I'm sure he needs all the encouragement he can get!!! Things will get better!!! And yes, here again, I do read your blog, but don't always have time to leave a reply... how silly, it truly only takes a moment to say hi!!!
Anyway, prayers are with you both! Hang in there!!!!

Linda Palmer said...

Lean Ann, so sorry for all the trials you have been through. So sorry for your hubby and hope all goes well with the healing and stress you are both going through. You are both in my prayers. SU is the least of your worries, they are not worth it. Take care of yourself to and hope you can find some time to do what you enjoy. He will heal in time. Wishing the best for you both.

Angela Marie said...

Hi LeahAnn, I've been following your blog for sometime now. Mostly pop in to look at your pretties and check out because my time is super limited. Today when I read your post I thought leaving you some words of encouragement might do some good. I am so sorry to hear about your hubby, losing a limb is going to be quite an adjustment for both of you. People always pity the one who lost the limb but I know the wife/ caregiver is having to adjust to a whole new world too. Be strong and good things will come your way. Crafting is important; Fitting in.. Not so Much! I can tell by your cards you make them from your heart and they make you happy too. The people who eventually receive them are ecstatic! Don't lose focus on what counts. You deserve happiness too, so craft your little heart out when it feels like it. Don't sell off your things in haste, buying them back might be impossible. And last but not least Smile because you do fit in to the people who matter the most. Take care and be kind to yourself.

Chris said...

Family comes first Leah Ann. It is unfortunate that SU has no heart and cannot understand that. So sorry. Please do not give up on your stamping. Your work is beautiful. Please let me know if you need to talk or need prayers. You can email me at