Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Happy Birthday Carrie Ann

Thinking back when my daughter was born on this date March 21st, and I'm not telling her age, uggh makes me feel soooo OLD! She looked like a little Papoose with tons of dark hair and her eyes so dark and a gorgeous complexion. The nurses had her hair in a curl on top of her head. The nurse carried her in to me and said here's your little Papoose :O) Then all of that dark hair fell out and she's my blue, blue eyed blonde haired little girl, and today she has a little boy with the blue eyes and blonde hair, our little miracle baby!
Happy Birthday my sweet daughter, love you bunches!!!!


Sandy said...

Well a very happy birthday to your daughter. I love it when you share bits and pieces of your life.

June Nelson said...

I hope your daughter has a lovely birthday leah ann from across the miles xxxxxxxxxxxx