Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Beautiful Day today....

We had beautiful weather today. In the upper 50's...and sunshine :O) First thing today, I found out I won 5 digi's from Whimsy stamps blog hop, yeah! Went to Greenwood and took my Nookbook to Barnes & Noble, they say it's fixed, we will see! I know for me my added warranty is pretty much seems of course they are out of the one I have now, because jeez it's over a year old...hmmm! Don't think I'll buy another Nook, this was for my birthday and soooo....I like reading on it because I can enlarge the print, but I don't like that you find a series of books you like and then they won't have all of them in the you end up having to buy the book anyways if you want to complete the series!
I have wedding invitation's to make before youngest son is getting re-married. He has been so happy after all he's been through, so glad for him :O) Now, I've been wracking my brain, trying to come up with something for his invitations, she wants them in Silver and Blue....
They want to put hubby on insulin, and he does not want it to happen. Being a retire Paramedic, he's had so many combative patients and he is afraid and worried about please pray for him...his sugars go crazy, up and down! He hates most vegetable except corn and green beans. When he hates most vegetables it makes it hard on a diabetic...gosh! checked into Nutri System and it's sooo expensive!
Well, I have images stamped, and ready to color...have a few colored and ready to put on cards, but we just enjoyed the day. I have made 2 cards, but they are for DT so I can't post them yet. Hopefully tomorrow I'll get something done.
I found out that I'm not as happy with Stampin Up as I use to be. Their prices have gone up for sure. I miss getting the stamps and be able to cut them out. There cardstock, jeez price is higher but skinny packages...don't know if it's less sheets or thinner paper. It has always been one of my favorite cardtocks, so I guess I will see soon....arrgghh!
I guess that's about it....hope you've all had a fantastic day :O) Hugs! Leah Ann


June Nelson said...

Morning Leah Ann darlin, im so pleased for your son to find happiness gain, but your poor hubby bless his heart it must be terible, my daughter is loke that only eats chicken!! I know how awkward it is, aw chin up hunny and lets hope something sorts itself with his diest etc, have a good sunday my freind huggies and love from me xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sandy said...

Hey sweet friend. I hate that about your husband - I have a friend that when he found out he was diabetic he went on a good diet and exercised a lot but it did not help him. Yes dear heart you are in my prayers. Do hope your husband will come to terms with this and if he cannot change his diet at least do the insulin. I am sure you will make gorgeous wedding cards for your son. Keep up those beautiful cards and now you can do it for fun!!!!!
Love your art work Leah Ann.