Thursday, June 21, 2012

Cleaning house, sweating bullets :O)

Oh boy is it ever a scorcher!!! We have had hot, hot weather for so many days and supposed to have a chance for rain today, but I'm beginning to wonder. If we do get rain, it's going to be very little. Everything is so dry, the grass is yellow, the tree's are crying out for rain!!!! Me tooooo!
Doesn't look like the corn crops are going to be very good this year, don't even know if rain will help at this's been dry far toooo long.
I'm cleaning house and with the air on, I'm sweating bullets. Had to take a the bathrooms cleaned and the floors mopped, soooo I'd best get at it :O)
If I get the house done, then I'll be able to color....I'm one that if there's house cleaning to be done, then I'm don't feel right about making cards...sooooo here I go back to sweating bullets!!!
O.k. first maybe I'll do a rain dance :(
Have a great day!!! Hugs! Leah Ann


cathylynn said...

Hey Leah, I guess we will sweat bullets together. We need rain too! Super dry here in SW PA. Great pool weather if you have a pool. We backfilled ours four years ago with dirt. I 've had no regrets until this past week! YUK!!!
Keep cool inside!
Hugs, Cathy-Lynn

Sandy said...

Hey Leah Ann - I have found that the older I get, the less house work I do and I stay on the computer more and trying to make a good card. That is why I stay so far behind with my house work. It is warmer here but not so bad. I am so sorry about your drought. It seems like it is either feast or famine. Stay inside and I hope the weather improves soon!