Saturday, June 23, 2012

It's been grand kiddo's week :O)

I haven't had time or the energy to color this week :O) I had my 13 year old granddaughter, then my 11 year old grandson, they both spent the night. First the 13 year old, day between, then the 11 year old yesterday, and after he left, I had my 2 year old grandson.
We had a nice time...but I'm a little tired today. Hopefully I'll get a 2nd wind and color...
In between all this I worked on Invitations.
Last night Papaw sneezed and my 2 year old grandson said "Bless You" Papaw said "Thank You" and he said "Your Welcome" He's such a smart little guy and keeps you laughing, he's so funny. This is such a cute, cute age!!! Then he looked at me and said "Bless You" He was trying to say Blueberries, and it's so cute how he says it.
We had a touch, and I mean a touch of rain, not enough to wet your whistle, and no more rain in sight till later on this week....Poor trees are so brittle! We need a good all day, steady rain :(
Well hope all is well with everyone, have a GREAT weekend!!!
Hugs! Leah Ann