Saturday, October 22, 2011

I have a busy weekend, but I'm still here :O)

We have our new kitty Miss Lucy Jo. She was a little pistol the first day. She was running around like a little nut. She was just playing, but I also think she is just testing us :O) Well I got the water bottle out, covered the couches for now. She finally calmed down last night, and is finding out we do have rules. She is just a wee one and well you know how training and taking care of a little one is! She's eating fine, purring, and doing good. She even let our two year old grandson pet her today, I think she adores children. So, if I'm not on here too much this weekend, it's because it's basically my birthday weekend, & new kitty training. Got to leave here in a few minutes and go to my daughter's for supper.
I have a lot of cards in challenges, so please if you see I have won, let me know. Things will be back to normal in a couple of days :O)
I have been checking out cards, just haven't had time to comment.
 Hugs! Leah Ann


...just Barbara said...

Yea! Sounds like fun and she is such a cute little kitty. ;D