Sunday, October 23, 2011

LUCY JO Rotten Kitty!

Lucy Jo 10/23/2011
See how tiny she is :O) I had to put a sheet on the couch because she is so rotten. She uses her litter box just fine, and she eats, and purrs and all that, but those doggone sharp little claws! I'm afraid she is going to pick the couch :O)


Only By His Grace said...

She's a cutie. I cut my cats nails. good to start when they are young.
Hugs Maz

Karen Howard said...

Adorable, she looks just like my Tinker!!!

Sandy said...

I love cats - I have two both were adopted. In fact, one of them was a little wild cat living up here in the woods. Now she is a spoiled baby too!! Her name is Baby Girl. Cute kitten! Congratulations Mama.