Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Looking through old photos Pic of Mom and Dad before heart surgeries

I was going through photo's for my oldest son, and I found this picture of Mom & Dad, oh how I miss her! This was before they both had heart surgery. Dad had his first, then 5 weeks later, Mom had hers. Dad has done pretty well, but Mom never got better, and she went through so much from then on.


Lori said...

Hi Leah Ann! What a sweet photo of your mom and dad... You must miss her terribly :( May the LORD comfort you and fill the void left by your mom's passing with Himself in bigger and greater ways than ever before ♥

Lots and lots of love and prayers of blessing,

June Nelson said...

Its a beautiful photgraph and out families are so precious to us, Treasure it its gorgeous xxxxx

Sandy said...

Leah Ann your parents look so sweet. It is nice of you to honor them the way you do.