Thursday, October 20, 2011

I'm getting a new kitten from rescue Her name is Lucy here are pics!

I am getting a new Rescue kitty tomorrow at 1:30. Her name is Lucy :O) My birthday is the 24th, so she is my birthday present. I did however, buy her with money I've made from selling cards. I told my daughter if someone wants to know what I want for my birthday, I want a scratching post.... tee hee! Her name was already Lucy, and my hubby said we would leave it, so when he comes home, he can say "Lucy I'm home", and our oldest granddaughter's name is Jozey and we call her Jo, and that just sounded good with Lucy, so there you have it. She is 2 months old, and she a wee one. I guess a woman has been pretty much raising her because her Momma wasn't being a very nice Momma, so she's been spoiled already, YEAH! She deserves it!!!
Here are her pictures!

 Lucy Jo


Anonymous said...

Now that is a wonderful Bday gift!!! Hello ms.lucy how do you do? From my critters to you....

Happy birthday to both of you.

Crafty Chris said...

Ahhhh I luv them when they are that small she is goirgeous and great name.
Chris x

Teri said...

I am so not a cat person, but your little Lucy is so sweet and adorable! I had never heard of ragdoll kittens, so I googled it and you know what? I think I like the looks of Lucy a lot more!! LOL!! Enjoy her, our pets mean so much to us!!

Keep It Sweet and Simple said...

Oh she is adorable - she looks just like my daughter's kitten, Benga.
Caroline xxx

Sandy said...

I love her!! I have 2 rescue cats too and I love them dearly!

Sherry Kushibab said...

She looks adorable, what a great thing to adopt her....I love that your husband gets to holler "Lucy I'm home....."

coldwaters2 said...

Oh Leah Ann she is beautiful I am so pleased that you have finally got a lovely little companion, I am so excited for you.
Lorraine x

Eve said...

what a cutie!! I'm a cat person but due to my relocations, i haven't had my own for many years but I stil luv them!! She is a real cutie though, and luv that name too! :-) I'm happy that she found a nice home :-)