Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Mice are done, made 41 of them little dudes :O)

 I forgot to take a picture of them, these are not mine...but so you could get an idea of what they look like. My eyes are not so bugged out, I use red gel for the eyes and nose. Mine look better if I do say so myself :O)
I used Hershey's Chocolate Kisses, sliced almonds, red food gel, cherries with stems, milk chocolate chips, parafinn. Melt chocolate and parafinn in candy melter. Dip cherries and attach to kisses right away and add almond slices for ears quickly :O) Then put red gel for eyes and nose...fun and cute!

Christmas Mice are done! Made 41 of them little cuties...fun! I can't wait to see Jonathan's face...he will either like them and want to eat one, or......he will be afraid of it. I'm not sure if Faith and Kayli will like them or not...we shall see!!! Hello Dolly's are done, just have to cut them...yeah! 
Now to tell you, my brain is gone....We made our batter for Chocolate Pixie cookies, sitting in the frig for 2 hrs. Hubby and I are thinking we may have to make more, and I said well....we have 4 more squares of chocolate, and he said, ugghh we shouldn't have any left....so we had to take them back out of frig, let them warm at room temp, melt more unsweetened chocolate and add to it...luckily it worked...but we still have to roll them, roll in powdered sugar and bake! Otherwise we would have been done, uggh not now thanks to my brain leaving and where it's at, I do not know!!!!  :O)


June Nelson said...

Aw I want one!! they look gorgeousd, and thanks for the peanut recipe too my lads love peanut butter xxxxx

Digi Darla said...

Looks yummy! Please visit my challenge blog and join our new Silver Christmas Challenge at Digidarla.com and Merry Christmas.