Friday, July 17, 2015

Tadah! 5 more Sherri Baldy card done tonight.

 5 more cards done tonight. I also used my new light box and haven't figured out if I am happy with it or nor just yet.

This cards is Hugs & Kisses

 Merry And Bright

 Merry Christmas

 Tea Time

Warm Winter Wishes


Paula said...

Love your work Leah Ann!!... But I do have a question about what you said in your post.. that you're not sure yet if you like your new "light box". Are you referring to something you put your cards in to get the photos of them taken? (asking because that's not what I refer to as a "light box"!)... If so, I noticed for the 1st time that the photos in this post have a strong yellow tint to them which I have never noticed in your previous posts. Does a light box cause that tint? Your photos are usually spot on in true colors.

Sassy Raggedy said...

And another 5 cards that are beautiful. I love them all. You always know just how much bling to add and it is so much fun for me to see each and every card. Hugs, joann