Sunday, July 19, 2015

New Light Box vs. Light Box I have my hubby made from Cardboard Box BIG DIFFERENCE! I REST MY CASE

I'm do not like the  light box that I purchased, so I will be going back to my handmade cardboard box light box. Maybe it's just me because I have not clue what I'm doing :) It is leaving a yellow tint and shadowing. My husband is going to get a bigger box and make it larger for me so it is easier to take pictures. Live and learn by experience. That is all lol

New Light Box I purchased:

 Lightbox my hubby made for me out of cardboard box:


Sassy Raggedy said...

I always love your pictures of your cards. Keep hubby's and send the other
That's my two cents...Hugs, joann

Paula said...

So happy about your decision!... It sure is the RIGHT one. Proof is in the pictures!.... And my guess is that it's NOT something you're doing, because since you take perfect photos with Hubby's Light Box, you'd be taking perfect ones with the new Light Box, too, if IT was any good!!

Paula said...

Leah Ann.... Just one question... Can you tell us which Light Box you ordered and will be sending back?... (so we all don't make the same mistake!)

I'm in the market for one myself and don't want to make a costly and time consuming mistake. Much appreciated :)