Thursday, January 3, 2013

2013 not turning out so great so far :(

I don't know about you all but the first few days of 2013 are not turning out so great!
First of all my daughter's transmission on her car has bit the dust, arrgghh! So we are trying to rotate 3 schedules so she and her husband can get to work, and also use our car, which we will be carless....
Then my husband's Insurance has changed so now he can't use his Insulin pen, can't afford it Insurance will pay nothing on it, and that's all he's used up to this date! Also, they don't include 1/2 of his doctor's :(
Then today, I have a lady give me negative feedback on Etsy. My first!!!
I went over how the cards were shipped in a previous email before the purchase and if she didn't write a super long negative feedback. Of course before hand I was told about this customer that she leaves negative feedbacks. She wanted to purchase 20 cards, so glad I didn't combine shipping as I would have had 20 negative feedbacks!
If you tell someone exactly how they come, how you ship them, then they still purchase them and then leave negative feedback, something just isn't right about this. I'm not the only cardmaker she is doing this too!
So now the person I am and the way I take things, this has really put a damper on my spirits!
I know I should have an I don't care attitude but I'm not made that way!
So now I may remove my shop from hubby said "don't worry about it" but .....  it's me.....
I hope she is happy! Looks as though to me she has more money than feelings for sure.........
I may not have all the money in the world, but I have wonderful people in my life, God in my life, and no matter what people try to do to me, they can't take that away from me.....thank the Lord!!!
So I'm hoping day 4 of the new year is better than these first three, or I'm in deep, deep trouble!
Hugs! Leah Ann

PS: She wants me to put 5" and 5 1/2" cards in a 7  x 7  x 1" box. Then the box would be to long and a lot of the times, cards do not fit in a 1" box with all the foo foo......arrrrgghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! But I'm stupid!

UPDATE: Found out lots of information that (this) has happened on Ebay also to lots of card makers and other sellers. I could go into detail, but I won't. It's a shame we have people in this world who do these things.
For anyone who buys my cards. They are placed in a Clear Hang Hole Bag that can be resealed over and over. Then wrapped in matching tissue paper and placed into a 6 x 6 x 2" white shipping box, they are not just put into a shipping box!!!


scrappymo! said...

Great big, virtual hugs...wish I lived closer and could take yo out for a coffee and give you a hug in person.
What a horrible lady...I would,'t quit my etsy shop over her...then she will have had the last laugh! I would hold my head high and know she is a crazy!

Sheree said...

All I can say is shame on her!! Isnt there a spot where you can leave feedback on her feedback..kind of like on e-Bay?
Your work is beautiful, as are you. Dont take it to heart although it really is hard to do (I am the same way).
I have a feelinbg that you have ne heckuva lot more people on your side and standing right behind you.
Big hugs to you and I hope tomorrow is a better day.

Scrappin Ashley said...

Love your blog and cards! I too sell on Etsy and don't worry about the negative feedback. I know, easier said than done. When someone visits your site, they stil see 100% feedback, it did not bring your percent down. Alot of buyers do not even leave feedback or read it.

Perhaps try the kiss and makeup feature?

Paula said...

Sorry to hear that the start of the New Year isn't a good one for you. Do not let one person's negative feedback
get you down. You do excellent work on your cards,
some people are just so darn hard to please, and they are not worth you closing your shop over.

I hope day 4 is better for you.

Valerie said...

Shame on the customer, but please do not loss heart over this person (easier said then done I know). Your cards are beautiful, please remember all the lovely comments you receive from here and take heart from these people. I know you are such an inspiration to a lot of people on your blog. Big Hugs Val xxx

Frea said...

Aww poor you! Sounds like you had a really bad start of 2013! But heads up, things can only pick up from now! And don't let things get you down hun, and you definitely shouldn't close your Etsy shop over this, goodness, let her poison herself with her anger. Hugs Frea

Trina said...

Don't close up if you don't have to! Your cards are amazing!

Linda Palmer said...

This negative lady should be ashamed!! The size of the box is ridiculous and she expects way too much. Your cards are always gorgeous and I am continually inspired by your work. Don't let her get you down, you have too many good things in your life to let her ruin your days. Your faith in God will see you through this. HUGS!!

Angel said...

Leah Ann, I hate to hear that someone who is unhappy with herself has taken her frustration out on you. I have purchased many cards from you and they have all arrived in perfect condition. Please do not close down your Esty shop, we love your beautiful cards. If that customer doesn't like your packaging, than she can purchase her cards elsewhere. I would not change any procedures to satisfy someone who will not be happy...with any accomodations you make for her.

Romayne said...

Unlike others I wouldn't necessarily say that negative f/b shouldn't be left, no matter how wrong or unpleasant it might be to read - the buyer is entitled to her (wrong) opinions, as we all are to feel differently about them.

But I agree - it's tough when you know they're not warranted given you have indeed put shipping info everywhere & in such a case people who feel hard done by really don't have a case.

And I also agree with everyone here that your work is stunning & while I sadly can't afford to buy (in UK & disabled on benefit only income), I do enjoy viewing your designs for inspiration.

God bless