Friday, August 31, 2012

Happy Friday Everyone.....We could get some nasty weather....

Happy Friday everyone! I've been super busy this week...trying to keep up with blogging, but seems I'm falling a bit behind...but I'm still here :O)
Between weddings, babysitting, cardmaking, and just everyday stuff...well, need I say more.
Looks like Indiana is going to get some rain and storms from Hurricane Issac..I believe is it's memory is not so good sometimes :O) Too lazy to look up this hurricanes name...imagine that! They are saying 6 inches of rain...folks are afraid it's going to be like the flood we had a few years back, I sure hope not!!! It was horrible!
We've got to get groceries today, just in case, and hopefully the stores are not being emptied before we get there!!!
Hubby is at HBO treatments again, and they take all day, not happy about it for sure!!!
So, if I'm not on here, it's because of results from it...hoping we just get rain and mild storms and no flooding..supposed to start tonight I believe, last I heard from the weather.
Sooo if I holler and say I need a lifeboat, somebody throw one my way :O) Have to kid a little to take the impact off the worries here ...
o.k. so now I've got to get busy! Everyone have a safe, happy weekend!


Janette said...

Oh do take care, stay safe.xx

Frea said...

Hi Leah Ann, I hope things won't be so bad for you! Take care of yourself hun! Just checked out your lovely Christmas card in your last post; love it! Great sentiment too LOL!! Hugs Frea

Sandy said...

Love my cards Leah Ann -- you stay high and dry and I am going to think good thoughts for you guys!

Alyce said...

Stay safe Leah Ann! Sounds like it might get a little full on so make sure you take care of yourself xxx