Friday, July 6, 2012

Ohhh Man What a Night!!!!

Jeez, sitting here burning up! The air conditioner decides to go on the blink in this horrible heat! I'm sure it's going to be a flippin lonnnnnnnnnnnnng night!!!! :(
My day first started off, hubby was put on insulin and his sugar went too low, and he got real dizzy, shaking and a headache. Took 2 calls leaving messages at the doctor's office and then a call from me kind of getting a little snotty to get them to call us back! Finally got to talk to the nurse!
First of all, it has been 3 months since hubby's had blood work, and today the nurse didn't even check his sugar, went by the blood work in March and put him on insulin....I'm thinking this doesn't seem right to me!  Am I just being stupid here ???? Common sense tells me they should have at least checked his sugar today???
You would think the first time they put a patient on insulin and he has a problem they would call you right back instead of having to wait 2 stinkin hours to get to talk to someone!!!! Not a happy camper....
Now it's 2:17 a.m. in the 90's outside and the air conditioner decides not to work. I think it's froze up, so I'm waiting another few minutes and going to turn it back on and hope to shout it works till morning so we can get someone here to work on it.....
So tired of this horrible heat and no rain!!!!
Sorry folks I had to vent. Hubby is asleep, and I'm sitting here in the dark ready to scream!!!!!! Breathe Leah Ann, Breathe!!!!


Dana said...

Oh Leah Ann!! What a miserable night! I hope it all gets sorted out quickly as far as the air conditioner. And as a fellow diabetic, yes, you would've thought someone would've called a lil' bit sooner! Hope hubs is on the mend and they get his levels straightened out quickly.
Big hugs and prayers!!