Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Cleaning house again :( Not my favorite thing to doooooo!

I've put it off long enough...had to get busy on the house :) Had the grandbabies and painting and helping my daughter, in the meanwhile letting things go here...! I did get a couple of cards in between all :O) It's another hot, dry day...ugghh no relief not even last night. At midnight it was 87.4 degrees, oh man oh man!!!
Hubby is at his HBO apt. and when he gets home, I'm hoping to go shopping :O) I will have most of my housework done, and got an itching to go shop!!! I'm bad, I know!!!
No fireworks this 4th of July due to our wonderful drought!!!!! It has rained all around us, but not a drop here. Even where it has rained, not enough to ease the dry, dry grass, trees and ground. They say we would need another 4 to 6 inches within the next couple of weeks to end it, and doesn't look like it's going to happen. They say we are looking at weather like this till September, jeez don't know if I can take that, it's already getting to this ole gal!
Hope you all have a wonderful holiday, as for me, probably sit in the cool.
Hugs! Leah Ann


Rachael said...

Oh I'm sorry that you're stuck cleaning! I kind of find cleaning to be theraputic, and when you're done it looks so good! Also sad to hear that you don't get any fireworks! What's the fourth without fireworks?!