Saturday, February 4, 2012

Superbowl here in Indy, thoughts, and that's a tall order!

Hello All, just read another blog and it made me stop and think! Whether you have tons of things to use on your cards, scrapbook pages, etc. it doesn't matter! It matter's that you have fun, enjoy friends, whatever your case may be. No matter how great or small, complex or simple, your handmade crafts, cards, etc. are important as you are important! Growing up, as a PK (preacher's kid) I've never fit in with the crowd. It used to really break my heart and hurt my feelings, but it's o.k. I don't want to just fit in! Your handmade cards are a part of you, a part of who you are. We all struggle to be the best at what we do, and our best is the best we can be. Mom and Dad said, do your best at whatever you do and that's all we ask. 
So many want to be just like this one or that one, we are all different, aren't you glad, it sure would be a dull world. I struggle everyday with fitting in, I suppose at my age, I will never fit in. 
I'm lucky to have tons of stuff that I have collected over the years to stamp with. I have been blessed of late to get some new things, but have waited a year or more to get some of them...that's o.k. It makes you appreciate what you have more, or it does me. If you get any and everything you want, then in all reality your not happy inside...I see people that everything they touch turns to gold, well mine turns to something else, but I will be nice :O) 
All I'm saying is not matter how much or how little, how big or how small, it's your project, it your inspiration, and it counts!!! You may not think it's the greatest or feel inferior, but someone will be inspired by your card...people are inspired from the world around them and what they see, great or small. I spent half my life hiding in the corners, not wanting people to see me, afraid they would think something bad of me....don't let that happen to you. BE proud of your artwork, don't be afraid to show what you do...I got all these thoughts from reading this blog:
I live close, not real close to Superbowl in couldn't pay me enough to go into that mess. My prayer is that people are safe today because there's a lot of political things happening, and a lot of people upset. I know they had trouble last night it was on the news! Well....superbowl is for the rich, on the news people are charging $450 to park a single car, gas prices are up the farther north you go to Indy...tell me that's not price gouging! ?  To tell you the truth, I'll be glad when it's over, so tired of hearing about it. I realize to a lot of people it's a big if it were like CHA there, I'd be tickled to death :O) I don't think it would even come close to being that crowded.
So what you are, big, small or in between....I want to see your artwork....lots of foo foo or not, I want to see your artwork and remember each and EVERY one of your and EVERY card or project you make matters!!!!!! 
What matter's most to me.... "is what God thinks of me" that "He" loves me! 
I am always making cards, and internet is not my big thing because it takes sooo much time, and I'd rather be making things. I do look at all your cards that post, and I think how wonderful, how cute...I may not always take the time to comment, but I'm here :O)
So happy Sunday, happy stamping, or whatever it is you enjoy! And keep sharing, and keep posting, cause I care!!!! Hugs! Leah Ann

a few extra thoughta. I spent 2 1/2 years to help my son with his 4 children, gave up everything! moved in with them and helped them through some of the roughest times of their lives, and it's still not perfect, but better. When we moved into this apartment, we pretty much started over this late in life. My stamping things were in storage most of this time...and I had my room all set up, had people coming to classes, doing classes, and was having a great time....things came to a halt, and now I've started over again...sometimes we have to do things in life that are hard, but it's our job to do them and I would do it again! Now I'm home all the time, and yes, it gets boring sometimes, but I put on my headphones, go in my stamp room and chill....create, and love it! 
I have always stayed home with my children, raised them the best I knew how, so now my life is not anything big, and I won't be remembered for any huge accomplishments, but I feel good that I was there for my it's almost impossible for a mother to do these things because of our economy and just the way of life! I did without so many times, and sometimes you feel like
will people remember anything I did" children will, the most important people in my life besides my husband! I'm just me!


Rae Ann said...

You have a great attitude, Leah Ann. And, you will be remembered for all the beauty you create.
Rae Ann O.