Saturday, February 4, 2012

My Roaring 20's Bride Crocheted Paradise Doll

 I crocheted this a few years favorite doll that I made...I used Paradise Pattern Kit, everything comes in the kit, you just have to do the crocheting...first time I had ever crocheted with beads and sequins! Sorry it's not the best picture, she is up on a shelf and hubby wasn't home to get her down for me...Her veil has beads and sequins on it to!
Our lighting is terrible!!!


...just Barbara said...

Wow, that's very intricate! I love how you did the skirt and I can't imagine working with all those sequences! Gorgeous!

Frea said...

Wow that looks just stunning. Love the way the skirt was made with all those tiny tiny beads, gorgeous!! this must have taken you ages. Thanks for sharing, hugs Frea