Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Peanut butter balls are made :O)

Well hubby and I made peanut butter balls. Some in White Chocolate and some in Milk Chocolate. We made chocolate covered pretzels with what chocolate we had left. Tomorrow is Hello Dollies and getting batter ready for Chocolate Pixie cookies. Then probably Thursday we will be making Christmas Mice.... :O) Then I think we are done with the cooking part.
After today, I know why I quit making peanut butter balls...aching back and shoulders...that's o.k....one of our sons wanted peanut butter balls last year, and well....we didn't get them done!
I can't believe our weather, here it is less than a week before Christmas and I looked at the temp and it was 50 degrees....but I think I heard on a News commercial that we might get some bad weather...but was so busy didn't get to listen to the news. I know it was misting rain earlier...It will probably snow and blow Friday night when we go to our oldest sons for Christmas there and he lives in the country! Glad hubby is driving ... tee hee hee!!! ummm I think? :O)


jude said...

I did lots cooking yesterday stickrdoodles,Melting moments,But would love the receipe for peanut butter balls daughters would love.Thanks for popping by my blog good luck in the candy draw
hugs judex

June Nelson said...

yum Leah everything sounds scrumtious can I come for christmas please xxxxx