Saturday, August 13, 2011

Shipping Charges

My Shipping Charges

Hello Everyone,
Just wanted to explain my shipping charges. I know there is a lot of people upset with shipping charges and I truly understand.
It took me forever to find boxes that I could ship my Easel Cards in, and it cost me a fortune just to order 1 pack of these boxes. Each Easel Card is put in a plastic hanging envelope, that I purchase. I wrap them in tissue paper, then I put 3 pieces of bubble wrap. I put bubble wrap inside the card, then on top and bottom. I do this for safe shipping. So far this is the cheapest way I have found to ship them safely!
I hate high shipping charges. I have had compliments on my shipping and the way the items arrive, knock on wood, so I don't want to change anything when it is working and they arrive safely.
I cannot combine the cards because only one fits safely in the box.
I know our Postal rates here are getting so ridiculous, and it put's little folks like me in a bind.
I make cards to get my husband and I through the month. He is disabled, and I have knee problems, no insurance and cannot afford insurance and cannot get help.
Making cards keeps me from going crazy! We are stuck at home almost the entire month except for going to get groceries, and I go and pick up a few things to keep making cards. Just thankful that I have lots of stuff here, that I had gotten before my husband was retired on disability in 2002.
I list a few things on ebay, but they charge so much to sell one item, sometimes I don't make what I have in the card, but I can at lease keep making cards and have something to do.
I find myself, coming up with ways to create the hard way I guess. I cannot afford to buy all the new pretties that keep coming out, but oh, how I would love to :O)
I know some companies charge way too much. It's like Stampin Up. I love some of their products, such as stampin dimensional's. I can't afford to pay their shipping just for those little light weight items, but on the other hand, when you order heavy big orders, they lose money on those.
I saw on ebay, they wanted .99 cents to buy the item, and the postage was like $50, which is stupid!
I'm sure things will get worse in our future, because our country is in a royal mess.
Greedy people, I have a hard time dealing with, but those little companies out there are trying to keep their heads above water, companies are sinking fast, and going out of business everyday.
Like me it's their lively hood. What do you do? I trust in the Lord, and it seems when I need money for bread or milk or something like that, the good Lord lets me sell a card :O) He is watching out for us and I appreciate it soooo much.
When I tell you I am charging the least I can, I am being honest with you! If postage gets much higher, and ebay gets much higher, it will put me right out of business too.
My business is just a little shop in my home, making cards that I love, and so far, the folks that buy them are happy with them, so I'm just thankful to the Lord for helping me do what I love, and share with others!


coldwaters2 said...

Hi Leah Ann, I think you do a marvellous job with your cards they are so very beautiful, creative and full of inspiration. I do hope that you will carry on and show us your work for many years to come as they bring so much joy. The rising costs seem to be spiraling out of control and I myself being retired and ill cannot afford to buy many of the lovely new items that are about for crafters these days. However, before I was retired early from work I did manage to stock up on lots of goodies and 6yrs later I still have some left. I try to buy the basics like card stock and glue etc, and just try make things do. I agree with you that the Lord does see us through difficult times, often I find myself struggling but the Lord always seems to help when you think that all is lost.
Lorraine x

Cricket said...

Leah Ann, if all you are ordering from SU are dimensionals your shipping should only be 10% of the item not the standard $6.95. It is either or. Or, as a SU demonstrator I have added a small order like that to my demonstrator's order and not charged my clients shipping.

Jan Scholl said...

I am a long time follower of your blog and your creations just blow me away. I have sent links to so many and have you in my Reader. I just went to your Etsy shop and if people complain about a 2.50 shipping charge, they should not bother you at all. I have spent upwards of $5 to get a simple stamp set mailed (acrylic) or a couple of pens because I had no other choice. I am more selective now that hubby lost his job and always look for free shipping for supplies but this would come from large companies. I would never begrudge paying postage on something so beautiful as these cards that I would want to be in pristine condition upon arrival. My big issue is with the PO in general, since so many of my magazines and small packages come mangled or coverless. You keep on doing the best you can and hopefully the PO will get their act together (and the death knell calms down or they will go away) or another better service will take its place. Your blog always brings a smile to my face. Take care.