Monday, July 11, 2011

Was going to stamp, too tired, oh my when did I get old :O)

Well, I got the house cleaned up today, and the stamp room :O) I wanted so much to stamp tonight, but I think I've run out of gas...tee hee hee...when did I get old :(  I got my package from Wild Orchid Crafts from winning the challenge, and such beautiful flowers, ribbon, lace, and charms, so excited....and I just do not have the energy...hopefully tomorrow I can stamp my heart out :O) It has been so hot and humid here today, even with air the temps were in the 80's in the we have thunderstorm warnings, but so far so good. I believe even if it storms unless the weather radio screams at me, I will probably sleep right through it.
I have been looking at blog after blog, and now folks, I gotta get off here and rest.
Hugs! Leah Ann


Stacie (craft-princess) said...

Oh boy do I know that feeling!! People make fun of me because they say I'm too young to be tired but I stay really busy so I think I am always just wearing myself out! If it gets any worse in the future I will be in trouble though! LOL!

Hope you can enjoy your WOC goodies! Love their stuff!

Liz, said...

Please send some of that heat here, please! Looking forward to seeing your next make,

Liz x