Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Storms, hoping they are almost over.....arrgghh

I've spent most of the eveing in the utility room! Bedford got hit by tornado, some homes down, haven't seen the pictures of it yet. Also Columbus has been hit twice tonight. Close call for Hope, son n law could see the rotation but it didn't come down to the ground. Had to call them because the sirens either don't work in Hope, or just were not working per the news. Have my computer in the utility room with me, so I can keep my family and friends who can't hear the sirens or have t.v.'s. Mass casulities in Bloomington, just not sure exactly what yet. Sounds like either mobile homes or semi's. News wasn't real clear.
Someone said there were hail the size of grapefruits, I've never seen hail that big before! Jeez! As far as here where I live, don't know if there is any damage or not, haven't heard anything at least tonight.
Wow! strong winds and lots of hail tonight! We are not even in our tornado season good yet, I'm sure dreading what can come. Right now we are only showing yellow instead of red now, so hopefully we can all relax. Still thundering in the distance. Oh! What a night!!!!