Monday, July 1, 2013

Just stopping in for a bit...................

Hello All,
It's been a tough time trying to adapt to a whole different life. My husband is doing good...he's had one nasty spill that set him back a bit and broke his confidence, but gaining it back. Then another one but he caught himself and didn't get hurt then. He had therapy evaluation today, although I'm not happy with the way things went, so will have to talk to the doctor. Rehab in the hospital were fabulous, but today just didn't jive...
I've been taking a new medicine and I think it's making me feel so tired, so I'm going to try to take it at bedtime and see if that helps because I've been sooo sleepy. Of course I've haven't felt too well with sinus issues this week, I'm sure that's part of being so tired.
I know I haven't stamped, just haven't had the heart too! Part of it is because I'm so tired I'm sure. Right now it's been helping my husband with his daily needs and afraid of him falling again, so by the end of the day, I'm just plain tired. Hoping things will get easier, and I'm sure they will in time, but so far...I'm just trying to keep up.
My daughter finally found a wheel chair for him at a decent price, so that will help his mobility a lot...hopping on a walker at our age just isn't easy if you know what I mean.
Just tiny little things we do daily are a challenge now.
Hoping things will calm down so I can at least get a card or two made once in a while....hoping the desire comes back..Hugs! Leah Ann


Sassy Raggedy said...

I understand what you are going through. My mom went through the same thing with my dad and it is a hard job that changes your life. I hope you won't disregard your own health as well and once you get your strength back your desire for card making may return. Just know there are those of us here who care and I am including you and your family in my prayer list every night. So take care and be sure to update us. Your loving friend, joann