Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sherri Baldi's Bestie Valentine Card

Another Sherri Baldi Stamp. This one has no name at this time....
This one gave me fits. Do you ever color something and think I should just pitch it? Then you just keep going and going till you've put so much time in it that you just can't throw it away. Well this is one of those!!!
This has a little more Stickles than I like, but all in all I think she turned out cut in the end. Boy! I've spent hours on this puppy!!!

 Close Up
As you can see not the clearest coloring in the world.


 Lying Flat



Alyce said...

she is so sweet!!! i love the colouring on her...such a gorgeous project :)

Debra Smith said...

I have so missed getting to see your beautiful work. Made this my first stop since getting back to crafting. Beautiful card.

Sandy said...