Friday, January 4, 2013

MY ZIBBET SHOP for Handmade Cards

I have opened a new shop. It is at Zibbet. I still have my Etsy right now, but depending on how it goes at Zibbet, I may close Etsy, we will see how it goes!
I can take negative feedback when I do something wrong!
I cannot uphold when someone is allowed to hurt sellers shop's on purpose, for no reason.
I pray I'm dong the right thing. Sometimes we have to make a stand for what is right and sometimes it is not easy. 

Check out Zibbet. I was told about this site from a fellow card maker. />


Rae Ann said...

Sweetie, consider the source and let it go. As you said, you did nothing wrong. It is HER problem. I came across a poster in pinterest that I liked. The Dali Lama is pointing his finger and saying, "let no other person disturb your peace of mind." I understand - I'm like that, too, but I'm getting better at keeping my peace. Remember, you are special, you are wonderfully talented, you are creative, you are the Best.
Take care.
Rae Ann O.

Joann Burton said...

I went to your new site and I love it. Looks very nice. I may have to try this one. Good Luck with it. joann sassy raggedy

Judy said...

I love your new shop, and it looks more user friendly actually. Glad to hear things are working out for your daughter, and try not to stress so over things hun. Remember, God never hands us more than we can handle, and he NEVER expects us to handle them alone. He's always there with you.