Tuesday, January 15, 2013

How About Congress & All Don't Get Paid instead......

I get tired of our government threatening to take Social Security checks and Veterans Checks. How about no one in Congress gets paid instead! People who depend on their money to pay their rent, medicine, food, etc. Fought for their country and people have paid into SS all their life. I bet if Congress and all don't get a check a few times they will darn well find a way to fix a few problems!!! and do their jobs!!! They can eat corn bread and beans like the rest of us!!!!!! I know there are places they can cut spending besides SS and Vets!!!!! :( ARRGGHHH!!!!! While they are all living high off the hog and acting like spoiled brats!!!
These are our Elderly (our parents, grandparents, disabled, Veterans) that they are talking about not paying. Shame on them for putting this worry on them! Do their lives mean so little that they will do this to them? This is unacceptable!!!!!
Sure the govt. can take care of their family members who receive these checks, they have the money to do so. The reality is though that most of us do not have the monies to do so! Then what???
This stuff has to stop, they need to get their acts together!