Sunday, December 23, 2012

Merry Christmas Everyone

Hello All,
Just wanted to take the time to wish each and every one of you a Very Merry Christmas. I hope you are all enjoying your families. Hoping that all are well, safe, happy, warm and lots of joy and peace!
I've been spending time with my family. Lots of things going on for me right now I've been helping my daughter and watching my grandson. She has had some medical issues, and right now she is my top priority. She had her surgery and now waiting for results.
Today we spent some time with my Dad and my oldest son and his two children. First we had my granddaughter Gracie's birthday party, then they opened their Christmas presents. Had a great night!
Tomorrow my daughter and grandson will be here. Will be helping watch my grandson while her hubby is at work.
It's been pretty chilly here and a little snow from the snow storm we had. Wow! Did we ever have some strong winds with it. Thought it was going to blow us away there for a while. We didn't get a lot of snow, but it had rained and then started snowing, but I think the wind was so strong it blew the snow right out of this county into the next one :)
I'm hoping to be able to make a few cards after Christmas. Right now just have not had the time.
My hubby bought another shelf for my stamp room. Have it set up and filled up already.
I'm sorry I have not been around commenting, but just have not had the time.
I hope you are all doing well, and have the best Christmas ever!!!
Hugs! Leah Ann


Ivonne said...

Merry Christmas to you too sweetie, wishing you a lot of love, joy and peace. Hugs, Ivonne

Rae Ann said...

Merry Christmas, Leah Ann. Prayers continue your way for you and your family.
God Bless you all.
Rae Ann O.

skimmia said...

Merry Christmas to you too :-)