Monday, December 10, 2012

Kind of Tired!

I am baby sitting my 3 year old grandson right now, so I haven't made cards or been blogging much lately. He is super good, it's just I'm feeling super old :)
I've been a bit down and depressed lately and having trouble getting in the mood to color or anything :(
I had to remove my Stampin Up post, it seems I'm not allowed to.
Someone was so nice to turn me in, it would have been nice if they would have just told me!
I guess they are afraid I'll take their business. Well mostly I do it for myself, although I do have a few great customers.
I didn't know! I couldn't post it....
If people knew the things that are going on in my life right now, they might be a little more kind, not sure!
Jeez! Sometimes you feel you just can't get a break.
These kinds of things build up till I'm ready to just quit blogging. I'm not a person who enjoys the drama. I've had enough drama in my life to last me a life time or two!
So now I'm even more depressed and thinking more and more about just giving it up.
Anyway.........what else can I say :(


Scrap Affair said...

Honey, I don't know what happened, but I think I know how you feel. I gave up on blogging too. It seems that people are either jelous or got something up their I don't know, I know only that I enjoy looking at your work.
And I got enough of drama in my life as well to last me the rest of the life, but, I hope things will get better for you, especially with holidays coming.
Good luck, and I wish you all the best! Hope all this will clear up for you, and bring you joy, peace and happiness.

Ivonne said...

Cheer up my friend and don't give up your passion. I am sure that like for most of us, coloring and crafting is a way to escape from all the drama and the stress. Take a break and rest, physically and mentally. There are time when all we need is silence to re-charge our batteries. Big hug, Ivonne

Rae Ann said...

Take a break is good advice. I didn't blog from about May to Oct. because of being depressed by things I was dealing with. I hope you can return to your 'work' before that for selfish reasons - your work brings a lot of joy to me and many others, I'm sure. Find something that's fun for you to do, something different, and let that creativity heal you. My prayers are with you. Rae Ann O.

scrappymo! said...

Prayers offered here for you...I hope you don't let this naysayer get you down any further.
You are one talented card maker. You have always been so kind to me...helping me when i was a bit overwhelmed trying to figure out cardmaking things.
Wish we lived closer, I would love to take you out for tea or coffee to cheer you up.

Sometimes people get jealeous of others talent...perhaps this is what is going on!
We have had a year of challenges to our lives...some I share on my blog and that helps me deal and others that I don't share...for fear of boring my readers...but blogging helps me keep everything in I think of it as therapy...much cheaper than retail therapy though!!! teehee

Hope you can see yto continue on. i would really miss you and I know there are many more that would feel the same.

Sometimes when i am a bit down, I know I need to shake up my life a bit. I am heading back to garden club in the new year. Most of my paper crafts friends are my daughters age and I don't really have a close friend my age who I can papercraft with as my 2 good friends moved away. I have a blast with the younger girls but it is not the same. Their problems and focus in the lives are so very different from me. The garden club ladies are mostly my age so that will help.
Maybe look at 2013 as a year of change...dump the naysayers and find a new group to have fun with!!!
Blessings and Merry Christmas!!

June Nelson said...

Aw come on shug, chin up me darin, nothings ever so bad as that, you are a brilliant blogger and a lovely talented lady, oh please dont be down, I hate to think of you like that darlin, please dont give up for me eh????? pretty please, love you lots and lots you know, so keep going shug,big huggies June xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Rae Ann said...

Stopping by to send you best wishes and prayers. Rae Ann O.

SiskiyouSue said...

You would be missed!