Saturday, August 18, 2012

Copic Marker Help...What colors for a true baby pink???

I need help finding what colors to purchase in copics to find a true baby pink. Most of the time when I color pink it seems to have a peachy pink, I want a baby pink. I can't seem to get the right combination for a pretty pink, so if you all could help me out a bit, I would so appreciate it....Hugs! Leah Ann


Jenny said...

Hi, I know what you mean about the peachy pinks you get with R20/R21 or R12/R11. I think R85,R83,R81 is a nice pink combo if R85 makes it a bit heavy I sometimes like to take that out and blend with R00, or R000 so its a more like a distress ink colouring. I did a baby card & box a couple of months back with R85-R81 combo here - if that is any help to you. I also like the RV52,RV55, but I think you might find that has a little bit too much Violet for you, I usally blend it down with RV00 & RV000. Hope that helps. Good luck with your search. Jenny x

Shari said...

Hi Leah Ann,
I use RV000, RV00, and RV02 to get a baby pink. Hope this helps!

Christy Beans said...

I use R81 and R83, but leave out the R85 when I want a paler pink. Sometimes to get a little more shading, I use the blender 0 and pick up a little R81 scribbled on an acrylic block as my lightest shade, then R81 alone and 83. =)