Friday, July 13, 2012

Tutorial for 5" Easel Card, my first tutorial so please be kind :O)

 Tutorial for 5" Easel Card.
 I first cut a piece of (Tag board or Stampin Up Cardstock) 5" x 10". I find these are the best to use because they are heavier and work real well for Easel Cards.
I score it at 5" and 7 1/2".  This is piece one.

O.k. Miss Sandy, this tutorial is for you ... so let me know if I've confused you more or helped :O)
 Fold the 10" x 5" (piece one) cardstock in half at 5" scoreline.
At this point it just looks like a regular card fold.

 Then fold back at 7 1/2" score line  Piece one.
(Look at the very 1st photo and you will see the scorelines)

 Then I cut a piece of tag board or cardstock 5" x 5" which I'll call piece 2.

 Here you see how the side will look after cutting the 2 pieces. I haven't glued it yet, so the 5" x 5" piece will actually be glued between the 5" score line and the 7 1/2" score line.
(The 10 x 5" piece is folded in half at 5" score line, then folded back at the 7" score line and the piece that you fold back is the piece you glue and adhere the top of the 5" piece on.)
Oh Drat's I'm probably just confusing you :O)

 Shown here where to glue....
I have my arrows at top and side, but I glue all 4 sides and some in the middle.
 5" x 5" cardstock (piece two)...that I decorated onto the part that is folded back (piece one) and it's easier to glue this and then place the 5" (piece 2) piece on, otherwise you don't know exactly where to glue it. I used Tombo Multi Adhesive Glue because it is my favorite adhesive, and I find the best. Remember this is folded back.

 The bottom which I call the base. I usually cut a piece of cardstock 4 3/4 x 4 3/4" for my first layer and it will cover the white on the bottom except for the edges. Then I cut the black piece 2 1/4 x 4 1/2". Then the next piece 2" x 4 1/4". You can go more than 2 1/4 but I never go more than 3" because then the card doesn't want to sit correctly.
 Here is the 5" x 5" piece of cardstock that I have started decorating but haven't finished just to show you.

Here is a finished Easel card. I sure hope this isn't too confusing. It is so simple, but sometimes the instructions make things look hard! If you have any questions just send me an email to lgast24 at gmail dot com
Hugs! Leah Ann


Sandy said...

I am sitting here laughing Leah Ann - having what I am sure is very slow backward brain, I will have to study this and do it along with you. I know how much I love your easel cards and surely I can make one. One day at a time and one step at a time. You are a sweet heart to make this tutorial for me.

Joann Burton said...

I love this tutorial. I am going to follow it tomorrow. So if I get stuck I will email you. Thanks so much for doing it. I too love all your easel cards as well as all your cards. joann sassy raggedy

Linda Palmer said...

Fabulous card as always. I love easel cards and love the coloring on this beautiful card.