Friday, July 27, 2012

Happy Friday Everyone...

Friday is here again....hope you all have a great weekend! We were supposed to get storms and rain this week...NOT...still no rain. I hate thinking what it's going to do to prices this fall and winter, not a pretty site. I've never seen anything like it, ever! The farmers crops are done for, nothing can grow in weather like this. It has been so hot day and night. We get a warm, warm breeze at night, but it's still hot!!! When it's still 95 degrees at midnight, that's not cool!!!
On another note....I have several new images and it's going to take me a month of Sunday's to get them all onto a card...but I'm so happy ... I had to order some stick and spray, I think that's what it's called yesterday so I can ink up my unmounted images. So I have to wait till that comes to get started on those. Can hardly wait :O)
Hubby is at wound care getting his HBO treatment and my lazy self is sitting here needing to get in the shower and get my day started...and it's after noon, but me I'm on 2nd-3rd shift...not by choice, just can never sleep.
Waiting for my daughter to call, but I may just have to call her back, want to get going here.....
I so love blogging and seeing everyone's wonderful talent. I'm in awe of so many of you so very talented folks out there. I try to leave comments and keep up, but sometimes there are just not enough hours in the day.
Anywho, hope you all have a great weekend ..... Hugs! Leah Ann


stephanne said...

I hear you about the rain never coming. We'll have storm cells that come through and about 5 miles before they reach my town, they split into 2 or just plain dissipate!! We're completely dried out here in Southeastern Kansas. Bad bad situation :(
hope you have a good weekend!!