Saturday, May 26, 2012

Happy Memorial Day...Stay Safe, Have Fun, & Remember What it means :O)

happy memorial day
Hubby and I have had a super busy day...first he went and picked up his new glasses, went to Hobby Lobby to pick up flowers for both our Mom's graves and I also picked up supplies for the invitations. We had lunch at Captain D's, then put flowers on hubby's Mom's grave, then went to Wound Care...and now he has to go into this chamber thingy, can't remember what it's called but it's pure oxygen and it's supposed to help his foot heal. Then on the way home there was a wreck on 65, so it took us forever to get home....stayed here for a few minutes then went and put flowers on my Mom's grave and then it was time for supper. After we ate I made another invitation so now she has 3 to choose from, look at and get ideas if she doesn't like these...hoping to make the perfect wedding now it's late and I'm tuckered out and just about ready to go lay down and read till I get sleepy :O) Tomorrow we go to our son's for a cookout and I can't wait to eat hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill!

Hope each and everyone of you have a great weekend...stay safe, have fun, and remember all those who have made our freedom possible!!
Hugs! Leah Ann

Hot! Hot! Hot! Weather we are having....uggghhh!!!