Friday, April 20, 2012

ARGHHHH ARGGHHH ARGHHH Had trouble with Blogger UGGHHH!!!

When I first tried to get on this thing today, ugghh gave me fits. Getting tired of Blogger changing things, because then I'm lost!!! If they don't quit this stuff, I guess I won't be blogging.... :(
I have been searching for Hanglar stamps, can't find where to purchase them, and the hanglar site does not work....
Getting frustrated with Magnolia them, but get tired of folks getting all the new ones way before everyone else does.....
So guess I will be looking for new images to love and use!!!
Didn't sleep well last night and sure that has something to do with my mood today...sorry sometimes you just have to VENT....I'm venting :O)
Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!!!


cebelica said...

I think blogger is giving many people hard times lately. :S It'll pass!

As for the images, I know what you mean. I also love Magnolia, but I like some changes too. Have you ever heard of La-La Land stamps? I think they are very cute. If you like them, maybe you can give them a go. :)

Stacie (craft-princess) said...

I had a big vent today too with blogger! I can no longer use IE as a web browser...I had to download Google Chrome which looks completely different! Not happy about this change! :( They need to leave well enough alone!

Ah...feels good to vent right? :)