Friday, April 20, 2012

Gosh Darn It!!!

Gosh darn it!!! I have everyone trying to help me, and so appreciate it, but doggone, nothing is working...I can view comments and I see where to post, but to find the dashboard, can't find it :( It make take me a year to figure it out. Mine doesn't look like it's supposed to in the doggone tutorials...figures!!! I'm too old for this crap!!! Can you tell I'm totally frustrated, gosh darn my blood pressure is going to be through the roof by the time I figure this out, if I figure it out :(


Wendy - AKA Mrs. B said...

you can do it, Leah Ann - I believe! :) I went to the site Kelly suggested and have been eyeball deep in the tutorials - I'm almost ready to make the "switch", but still have a toe in the "old" blogger water ;) wendy xx
p.s. Time for a break? Come visit me - I have some fun candies on my blog - come join in the fun of "retirement" and "birthday" :)

Carol and Kaitlyn's Krafts said...

I was so frustrated earlier too and what I ended up doing was on my actual blog page, I scrolled down to the very bottom and where it says, "Powered by Blogger" I clicked on Blogger and that brought me to the dashboard. I hope this helps you.

Carol from Carol's Creations

Only By His Grace said...

I totally understand how you feel Leah Ann. I too am far too old for this changing stuff. I can't find a thing.
Hugs Maz