Wednesday, February 22, 2012

No sleep, prayers going up, waiting for blessings to come down!

Colored several images last night, was going to make cards today, but plans changed. My son's fiance is really sick, hasn't been able to keep food down for 8 days! She has been to the Hospital twice and today went to another hospital. Well with no insurance, they just let her sit in the waiting room...finally after sitting there for hours, my son took her to another hospital who would help her. Gave her 2 bags of fluids, and meds. She kept applesauce down, they sent her home, and I'm praying that she keeps it down. She looks so bad, she's tiny in the first place, and doesn't need to lose weight.
I don't know about folks in your towns, cities, states, or countries, but a lot of people I know are having hard times...a lot without insurance and no hope in sight!
So it has been a long trying day of sleep, babysat Faith, her 3 year old, and she was such a good girl! I'm still up, but just sitting here sort of like a zombie...going to try to get some sleep, I HOPE, after the news.
I think of all the folks suffering in everyday life, and our government is acting like they are...! SAD...we should be better than this as a country, as a whole. Of course, I know it's the times we are living in, and you would hope they could look at the true needs instead of what they think it is...!
O.k. so I got that off my chest :O)
Now, hoping tomorrow will be a brighter day even though it's supposed to rain...light shines from within!
Hugs! Leah Ann


Kimberly said...

Praying for a fast recovery....thinking you you and your family..take care

Frea said...

Oh dear, I do hope she'll get better soon. Here in the Netherlands everyone has health insurance, it's a government thing which I think is brilliant. Everyone has a right to medical care. Isn't that what President Obama wants for America too? I can't understand why he is being opposed so much on that issue. It seems to me everyone would want that... Hugs, Frea