Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Lucy our Kitty is in BIG trouble!!!!

Well, we woke up this morning to a big crash!!! Lucy our kitty, who is in lots of trouble :O) pull on my crocheted table cloth (of course it has tassel's) and my big flower pot came crashing to the floor, dirt and glass and oh! hubby is not happy with her..."Bad Kitty"...so we got that cleaned up and finished cleaning the rest of the house. The only thing is, it was one that I've had from when my Mom passed away.. :(
Anyway, she has been told Bad kitty several times this morning! sigh!
The weather is so nice it's is in the 60's today, can't believe it's January! Not complaining, but this has been a crazy winter...Hope you've all had a better day than I have so far...tee hee!
Don't worry Lucy didn't get a spanking, although she deserves one...! Just the words....Bad Kitty!!!!!
Hugs! Leah Ann