Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Hello All what a week I've had!

I have been so busy this week. Today didn't start out so camera went on the blink, not even a year old, so had to take it back to store, well it's going to be at least 30 days if I'm lucky to get it back...hubby took it and bless his heart, bought me another one, I think he was afraid to come home without one and tell me that it would be a month or more before I would have a camera...awe...don't think he wanted to see me cry! I would have cried, for camera is used daily, several times most times.

I've been up all night again....working my tail off, and in the next few weeks you will see why, it's a secret at this point, so you all will just have to wait..!!! Now for the next couple of weeks, I can relax....Yeah!
Oh wait, going to re vamp my stamp room, it's getting too crowded and unorganized, so unless I run out of gas and energy with no sleep, it will get finished today :O)

So please be patient with me folks and hopefully I will get to do some blogging and commenting....never enough hours in the day, even when you stay up all night and make cards...tee hee hee....o.k. so I will get off here and get busy!!!

Hugs! Leah Ann