Sunday, January 1, 2012

Boy! Am I tuckered out :O) Granddaughter's pillow she did by herself!

 Sidney's 2nd Pillow, and learning how to use a sewing machine :O)

Her first pillow. I should have laid them flat to take the photos!
Jan 1st, 2012, and it's went from fairly warm to wind blowing and cold air coming in...yikes! I am tuckered out, between Christmas, being sick, New Year's, taking tree and decorations down inside, still need to do outside, cleaning house, and my Granddaughter here this weekend, I am tuckered out!!! 
My granddaughter Sidney got a new sewing machine for Christmas, so she is learning how to use it. I don't think I taught my son how to use a sewing machine, just needle and thread...tee hee! So her Aunt has helped her a couple of times, and while she was here she made a pillow. I helped her very little because I wanted her to know that she can do it herself, so when she went home today, she should be able to do it on her own. She did pretty well I think being she did it by herself, and has only helped her Aunt a couple of times, and I basically made her do it on her on, just a little instructions now and then. She has lead foot on the sewing machine pedal, so she will have to figure that out on her own, but I believe she will :O) 
As for cards, I got one card made, and I already posted it, and gave up because I had an extra sewing machine, ironing board and iron set up, and an extra body in my little stamp room. 
I may work on a card tonight, we will see, I need an extra burst of energy though. We were up till 6 a.m. the last two mornings. Sidney did get 2 pillows done and an Easel Card made, forgot to get a picture of it, and she's already left with it! 
But now I will feel better because I can stamp and know that the house is clean, even the stamp room, what a chore it was today....threads everywhere  :O)
Hugs! Leah Ann