Sunday, January 15, 2012

All night stamping and then Chuck E. Cheeze !!

My granddaughter Jozey and I were up all night making a paper bag album, didn't get picture's because we got it all ready but she still has to add pictures and a few other night, then today we went to my son's fiance's 3 year old daughter "Faith" Birthday party at Chuck E. Cheeze...think I spelled it right. It was soooo cute! Big mouse comes out and gives them little crown's, sings to them and she put goggles on and her crown, and got in the ticket blaster :O)...Jozey got in with her and got her a big red 1000 ticket card plus a bunch more. Pizza and cake... and the kids played games  Now, I'm worn out and over that noisy place for a while, I hope!! Of course all the kids go there, Jozey says she wants her 18th birthday party there :O) Oh! and look out, she has her beginner's now so she will be out there on the roads....!!! I can't believe I have a granddaughter old enough to get her beginner's permit....oh! I'm getting old fast....Well I don't know if I will be stamping tonight, right now my eyelids are super heavy, but want to wait because then I will be up before daylight!