Thursday, December 1, 2011

Waiting on my cryogen paper to come in the mail....itching to color!

I am waiting on cryogen paper to come in the mail....have new images, I'm itching to color :O)
I usually use Gina K .... thought I would use cryogen for a while. I hope it comes soon. I have new images from Saturated Canary, and I can't wait to get them colored and on a card! 
It's hard to change once you get use to using a certain paper. I still can't seem to get distress inks to turn out the way I think they should. I'll keep trying :O)
Grandson's will be here I'd better get off here and get ready!

Whoo Hoo my paper came today! I am calling the post office tomorrow, and chewing them out, so it won't happen again...yes, you guessed was in a flat rate envelope...yep! they bent it to put it in our mailbox! It's a miracle that it didn't hurt my paper. The envelope is torn and bent, but my paper is o.k.....arrgghh!!!
How many brain cells does it take, that when you don't know what is in a flat rate envelope, don't bend it! Can you tell I haven't had any sleep! I may calm down tomorrow, but I gotta vent right now! Jeez Louise!!

A funny thing my grandson did today :O) He got up on papaw's lap and wanted papaw to read him a story. Well papaw had to put his eyeballs on (reading glasses) turn on the lamp (so he could see to read) I'm thinking 2 yrs. old, is going to give up before papaw gets started...but he hung in there! :O) I get the camera out trying to get a sneak peek shot of Papaw & Jonathan...Jonathan looks at me and says: CHEEEEEESEEEE! I took the picture and I may upload it tomorrow, too tired tonight! I had to laugh!


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Your cards are gorgeous,those flowers are beautiful.

Hugs, Lori m