Monday, December 26, 2011

Uggh Hoping to escape this winter bug that's been going around...NOT!

Oh! I've been fighting a winter bug since Friday. I'd hate to think how sick I would be if I didn't have the anti-biotic in my system. Almost made it through except today. Don had to go by himself to the last stop..I've been in bed sick all day :(
I have slept most of the day. Hoping tomorrow will be better.
We have rain and snow coming in....not sure how much snow we will get! Looks like 1-3 inches which is not biggie here, but the salt trucks cannot start until it does start snowing due to the rain the weather man I guess we will see in the morning. I think I will be staying in to stay warm and get well!
Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. I think all the grandkids were happy with their Christmas! Be safe and warm everyone! Hugs! Leah Ann


Georgei said...

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