Saturday, December 10, 2011

Nice Birthday Party!

Granddaughter's birthday party was very nice! Had a good time, enjoying our family. We all gathered in, and Gracie didn't know we were going to celebrate her birthday, thought it was just game night according to her brother, and she was a little depressed, went in her room till her daddy brought her cake in the living room, lit her candles and called her in the living room. I think she was happy after all that :O)
You've got to know her daddy to appreciate it ... tee hee, I'm sure she is getting use to it by now!

I remember one year one of my nieces wanted a special pair of shoes she had her heart set on. Well her Mom took out the shoes, and put oranges in the box. When she opened it the oranges rolled out on the floor. Boy, was she ever mad! I'll never forget the look on her face :O) The thing is, she started crying...I guess she didn't like the joke that was played on her...I don't think anyone thought she would get so mad and upset and cry, I think we all felt bad! :O)


Anonymous said...

Hi there. I'm sorry I have not been by. For some reason I was unable to connect to a few blogs but I have finally, I belive, fixed the problem. I have been reading just not commenting. so sorry she didn't take the joke so well. Sometime they work and others, not so much. Hugs. Tammy