Sunday, December 18, 2011

Last day for my blog candy, ends today at 10 p.m........

Hello All, Today is the last day to enter a chance to win my blog candy. Please be sure to enter by 10 p.m. I have 3 candies, so there will be 3 winners! 
Sorry no cards the last few days! I have several images colored and getting ready. 
I enjoyed a visit with grandkids and kids today. I thought that I was going to go with my daughter to take her 2 year old to Riley. Poor little guy has a lot of trouble with his ears, and antibiotics are not working. She can't get him in to an ENT till Jan 5th, and he is not sleeping, and keeps pulling at his ears and crying. The doctor gave her a different antibiotic today and enough to last until he can get in to his appointment.
I am done making Christmas cards I think, unless it's a special order and at this point, it's almost too late. Next week we start baking so I don't know if I will get cards done till after Christmas. I'll see how things go. I think that I will get in there and work on them and something comes up.
Friday, we go to our oldest sons, then Saturday our daughter and boys come here, then Sunday is at our youngest sons. Then Monday it is at another daughter's house, so as you can see, it's busy, busy, busy!
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June Nelson said...

OOh cant wait for the candy draw and thanks again for the chance, That poor little man he is going through the mill but hopefully he wil be sorted, I had a son the same was never out of hospital with glue ear etc so I can empathise, hes 21 now and is ok but it was a long road, im thinking of you all hun xxxxx

Pendra said...

So sorry about Noah and I will keep him in my prayers! My Grandson suffered from ear aches and infections for years and they finally put in tubes... he out grew the tubes, had them removed and no problems at all since! Feel sorry for the little guy, ear aches and tooth aches are the worst, hope he feels better soon!
Crafty Holiday Hugs,