Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My rotten kitty LUCY ....

Here's my spoiled rotten kitty Lucy. Lucy is growing so fast! SEE THIS FACE! oh! don't let her fool you....She loves her new cat tree. 
It's been really tough stamping, she wants to play with everything, so I gave her an empty ribbon spool and an empty cardboard box. I'm trying to teach her to stay off my stamp table, ugghh I guess we will eventually get there, but she could have her own little party when I'm stamping :O)
I have been working on cards, and they are done, but I can't post them till Thursday and Friday.

Thursday will be a card for Little Miss Muffet
Friday will be a card for Just Wordz.

sooo.... I guess you all are just going to have to wait. I'm trying to get them all done for this month so I can enjoy the Holidays. I still don't have my tree up. It's only a tiny fiber optic for the bay window, and all I have to do is get it out, fluff it up and plug it in....am I bad!


Sandy said...

She is so cute!! I am a cat lady two. In fact, I have two!

nnalorac said...

Looks like she has lots of attitude, just adorable. I don't know what it is about our craft desks that they have to stroll about all over them! Carolxx

Penni said...

Lucy looks adorable, but I know what you mean about the difficulties of crafting with Kitties around. I have three and my youngest is only 6 months old and gets into everything - being a Maine Coon he is also very large at just over 11 pounds and he often forgets how big he is !!!

Thanks for sharing this gorgeous piccy of Lucy. I have a dedicated page on my blog if you'd like to see my kitties.


June Houck said...

Oh, she is a pretty princess! She reminds me of my sweet girl, Skeeziks, who is 21 yo :)

coldwaters2 said...

Oh Leah Ann she sounds an absolute delight, she is also very beautiful no wonder she gets her own way and is being spoilt, lol.
Lorraine x